Fly Fish TV with Kelly Galloup - 6 Episodes from Kelly Galloup on Vimeo.

kelly-galloup-fly-fish-tv-videoAfter a few years off, I have decided to bring Fly Fish TV back in a slightly different format. The new shows will be about an hour long and without commercials. Like the Fly Fish TV shows I have done in the past, they are all produced with Gene Hering, emphasizing hands-on angling demonstrations and featuring the best fishing spots. There is a lot of streamer stuff, but I also did a dry fly piece on the Henry’s Fork during the Salmon Fly hatch, a Musky show where we are in Tennessee for the World Musky Fly Fishing Championships, a lake show in the Fall for some huge rainbows on Mission Lake near Glacier National Park, and have included a part of my advanced nymphing video, “High Sticking and Reading Water” in each one of the new episodes. In the past we have included a fly tying segment in every show, but we are now highlighting the fishing aspect of things a little more. However, we will provide a detailed look at the flies used in each production.

If you aren’t familiar with the Fly Fish TV shows I have done in the past, you can check out a number of the ½ hour shows on the Fly Fish TV YouTube channel in the TV Episode Play List. I have tried to make this an affordable series and priced all six of the new one hour episodes at only $30.00. That’s right, only $5.00 per show. You will be able to view individual shows for $7.50 each, if you don’t want to buy the entire series. If we get a good response we’ll plan a new series of shows for the upcoming year. I am looking at trying something new next year where I take your ideas for shows. If they sound good, I get them in time, and we can work them in, we will head to that location for the show. I will also do a Q&A like I do on my You Tube channel, so start sending in suggestions for shows and questions for the Q&A.

2016 Lineup:

Wade Tactics for Streamer Fishing on the Madison with John McClure

Salmon Flies on the Henry’s Fork with Doug Pauline

World Musky Fly Fishing Championships with Charlie Gordon

Blackfoot River Float with Doug Pauline

Mission Lake near Glacier National Park with Phil Rowley

Fly vs. Gear on the Missouri River with Bill Erdman