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Airflo SuperFlo XCEED


The SuperFlo Xceed represents the next generation of general purpose fly lines designed for today’s fast action rods, and our favorite all-around line for western trout fishing.  Color: Pumpkin/Sky Blue

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The Aiflo SuperFlo Xceed represents the next generation of general purpose fly lines designed for today’s fast action rods.  Its condensed rear taper increases line speed to help with distance and punch through heavy winds. Weighted a half line size above the AFTMA standard weight, the Airflo SuperFlo Xceed is the best all-around line for most freshwater applications.

Airflo SuperFlo XCEED Features

  • Includes welded front loop
  • Tip & Front Taper:  Moderate front taper and tip for maximum versatility.
  • Belly:  The 26′ belly is short enough for easy management but long enough for moderately long casts when needed.
  • Rear Taper:  The 5′ condensed rear taper helps to generate more line speed to help punch in to the wind when necessary.
  • Ultra Supple coating: A major breakthrough in fly line performance.  The low modules coating maintains its suppleness even in extreme cold conditions.
  • Low Stretch Power Core: With only 6% stretch, Airflo’s Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set.
  • Ridge Tech: Airflo’s unique ridged design reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides. Friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market.
  • 100% PVC Free: Polyurethane coating resists deet fights off the long term effects of UV light

Airflo SuperFlo XCEED vs the Previous Super-Dri XCEED

SuperFlo Technology

With past manufacturing processes came certain difficulties that have made it impossible to smoothly make a large ratio between head and running line diameters.  Low diameter running lines are a key element of making a fly line come to life, giving both the head and the rod increased line and recovery speed.  Historically, the running line diameter of Airflo’s 5 wt lines would be in the region of 1.1 mm with other companies as low as 0.95 mm.  Now with FLO technology, Airflo is able to smoothly transfer to running line diameters as low as 0.85 mm on the same line.  This may not seem like that much of a difference, but due to the reduction in line weight, the head of your fly line is now able to pick up a longer length of running line on the final delivery.

As most of you know, Airflo is the only company who extrude polyurethane as a super tough coating on their fly lines.  With the inclusion of their new FLO technology, they were able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than other companies without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that has a super charged head to running line ratio, glides through the guides with minimal friction and has all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world.

Zone Tech

The head on each line is created with a supple PU coating that takes less energy to form a casting loop, making the line far more efficient at generating line speed– While the running lines are made from a harder skin which enables them to handle well and last even longer. At the start of each running line is a 20’ ‘Low Compression Zone’ another Airflo initiative that improves haul speed and makes the line feel really slick on longer casts.

Complete Density Control

This allowed Airflo to change density and water-repellent levels appropriate to the situation a line is used for – ie, a long distance lake line will require lower buoyancy levels than a presentation line designed to float high at short range on a smaller stream.

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