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Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Amazing strength to diameter ratio…this stuff should be illegal. 25 m spool. Color: Clear

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Scientific anglers fluorocarbon tippet has an amazing strength to diameter ratio.  Honestly, this stuff is so strong that it is almost unfair to the fish.  25 m spool. Color: Clear

SizeDiameterAverage Break Strength
7X0.004″2.6 LB
6X0.005″3.2 LB
5X0.006″4.7 LB
4X0.007″6.2 LB
3X0.008″7.8 LB
2X0.009″9.8 LB
1X0.010″11.2 LB
0X0.011″12.9 LB

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Weight.25 kg


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