The old scientific anglers freshwater tippet material was far from impressive, which is why we were a little hesitant to try the new stuff a few years ago; however, they definitely did their homework and the new lineup of freshwater tippet blows the old stuff out of the water. This is an improved clear copolymer that boats high abrasion resistance, low memory, and maximum knot strength. 30 m. spools. Color: Clear

Size Diameter Average Break Strength
8X 0.003″ 1.8 LB
7X 0.004″ 2.7 LB
6X 0.005″ 3.7 LB
5X 0.006″ 4.8 LB
4X 0.007″ 6.8 LB
3X 0.008″ 8.8 LB
2X 0.009″ 10.5 LB
1X 0.010″ 12.8 LB
0X 0.011″ 14.9 LB
12 LB 0.012″ 15.6 LB