Single Airlock Indicator


Airlock fly fishing strike indicators have been our number one selling indicator at the shop for three years in a row.


The airlock fly fishing strike indicator has been our number one selling indicator at the shop for two years now. Thingamabobbers certainly got things going a few years back, and they do their job pretty well for the most part.  However, they tend to kink your line when you adjust them on your leader and have difficulty staying in place on fine tippet.  The airlock strike indicator features a screw on cap that eliminates both of these problems and will hold securely on everything from 30 pound maxima to 6x tippet.

The new biodegradable foam has more benefits beyond keeping our waterways cleaner.  The new design out-performs the original plastic design in every way.

  • 30% Lighter:  Easier, more efficient casting and delivery.
  • Suspends 25% more weight on the water.
  • Stealth:  Neutral-colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter overall weight lands softer on the water.
  • Sensitivity:  Better strike detection.
  • Durability:  No more leaks, dents, holes, cracks or pops!
  • Not to be confused with “water soluble:”  Air-Lock Biodegradable Strike Indicators will not dissolve or be compromised in any way during normal use.
  • Biodegrading happens when the material is left in the elements: mud, water, mulch, compost, etc. over a long period of time.
  • Easier to see leader slot when attaching.
  • Hurts 38.6% less when you hit yourself in the back of the head on a forward cast.

The airlock strike indicator comes in a convenient 3 pack and is available in clear or assorted colors.

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1/2", #1, 1 1/4", 3/4"


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