Whiting Hebert Miner Hackle is the choice of the traditional dry fly tyer. The Hebert-Miner line of fly tying feathers is best known for gorgeous natural colors such as creams, duns & browns with brassy overtones and natural sheen. This is the perfect selection for Catskill and traditional pattern fly tiers. Only Whiting Farms has the custodial rights to the legendary Hebert stock, and they have combined this with the historic Catskill stocks of Darbee and Miner to make the finest natural-toned dry fly feather available. This combination cannot be found with any other breeder.

This incredible dry fly hackle began its journey in 1954 when legendary Catskill fly tier Harry Darbee generously provided Andy Miner with some of his Darbee hackle stock eggs.  What resulted from this gift was a pivotal event and foundation for the future of genetic dry fly hackle.  A Minnesota lawyer by profession, Andy Miner was also a meticulous, patient soul and through extensive study, experimentation, and perseverance bred a markedly better hackle rooster.  In 1974 Ted Hebert of Laingsburg, Michigan obtained the best of the Miner hackle stock.  For the next twenty plus years Ted Hebert continued the genetic selection as Andy Miner had taught him and further advanced the stock in pursuit of improving the hackle’s beautiful colors. In 1997 Tom Whiting, president of Whiting Farms, assumed stewardship of this incredible gene pool.  Dr. Whiting’s goal is to preserve the inherent characteristics of this exceptional hackle stock while continuing the development and refinement of its qualities and unique natural colors. Whiting Hebert Miner Hackle is the product of a long and careful cultivation by several individuals, each dedicated to creating the finest dry fly hackle available.

As the specific sciences of genetic selection, nutrition, and husbandry at Whiting Farms are all applied to this exceptional stock, the overall quality of the Whiting Hebert Miner Hackle will continue to improve.