When you purchase a Whiting rooster saddle you can rest assured that you are getting the ultimate hackle for tying dry flies. With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 24 and even smaller, Whiting rooster saddle is the connoisseur’s choice for fly tying, and comes with a feathers measuring between 6″-12″ in length.  Only Whiting Farms has this incredible genetic stock to offer you, and the bronze grade offers superior quality at an affordable price.

Whiting Farms Olympic Grading System

Whiting’s Olympic Grading System was developed to consistently grade capes and saddles across all dry fly product lines. Whiting Farms does not grade from harvest to harvest or “batch to batch”. They do not grade to push up or down pelts to meet certain sales requirements or financial obligations. They do not grade to meet consumer demand. Rather, Whiting’s grading methodology remains consistent throughout the years and is independent of any bias that would skew the true value of the pelt. When grading their pelts, one rule-of-thumb always stands true: the quality level of the feather is always consistent. What does this mean? It means that each dry fly feather has a supple quill, void of twist, contains dense barbing and is greater than 85% web-free. If a pelt doesn’t meet this core criteria, the pelt is never sold in retail.