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  • parachute hopper bottom parachute hopper
    The Parachute Hopper was created by Ed Schroeder in the early 70's and was one of the first terrestrial patterns to incorporate a parachute design for added visibility.  This is a tried-and-true hopper pattern tied with only natural materials and one that should always occupy a few slots in your terrestrial box.
  • stubby chubby purple bottom stubby chubby purple
    The Stubby Chubby is another variation of the Chubby Chernobyl tied on a wide gap Umpqua XT050 hook.  It has ice dub body, small spanflex legs, and a single two toned wing.
  • micro royal with cheese bottom micro royal with cheese
    This a low-riding foam pattern that shines during hopper and nocturnal stonefly time out West.  It features a two-toned foam body (Gold over tan), with a heavily hackled peacock underbody.
  • micro egg sacker bottom micro egg sacker
    The Micro Egg Sacker is has a pale pink foam body under brown foam with a little egg sac of peacock ice dubbing.  Like the Micro Katlyn, it features a Krystal flash wing rather than poly and works particularly well during terrestrial season.
  • micro katlyn bottom micro katlyn
    The Micro Katlyn is very similar to a purple Micro Chubby, but with a crystal flash wing instead of poly yarn, and the a bit of red ice dubbing in the rear.  This is a go to bug for smaller stoneflies and terrestrials when the clouds move in.
  • dornan's micro water walker pink bottom dornan's micro water walker pink
    Dornan's Micro Water Walker is a smaller foam bug that works great for us during terrestrial season.  Available in size 14.
  • blade runner hopper gold bottom blade runner hopper gold
    This bad boy has a wide platform that makes a beautiful splat when hammering grassy banks.  The white poly wing is easy for the angler to see, and the thick, two-tone foam body has plenty of buoyancy to suspend your favorite dropper.
  • keller's crane tan bottom keller's crane tan
    Kris Keller's Crane makes a great adult Cranefly imitation and it can be skated or dead-drifted with confidence on rivers where these giant insects are found.   Tan Size 10.
  • Out of stock
    carpenter ant bottom carpenter ant
    Every Summer we get swarms of big Carpenter Ants and trout definitely take notice once they hit the water.  This simple parachute ant pattern is a great choice for imitating these insects, and is very easy to see. Size 12.
  • uv cinnamon parachute bottom uv cinnamon parachute
    Just a good old fashioned parachute pattern with one of our favorite colors of ice dub for the body.  The UV Cinnamon Parachute is a great general mayfly pattern as well as a great searching pattern.
  • carlson's purple craze bottom carlson's purple craze
    The Purple Craze is nearly identical to the infamous Purple Haze, but with two small differences.  The first is that the tail on this pattern is black deer hair as opposed to natural and the second is that the thorax is made from UV purple Ice Dub instead of straight Super Floss.  The body on this pattern tends to be a little skinnier than the purple haze as well, and there are days they will noticeably eat the Purple Craze better than its predecessor.
  • dornan's circus peanut bottom dornan's circus peanut
    Will Dornan's Circus Peanut is another tried-and-true foam chernobyl pattern that works great for stoneflies and terrestrials.


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