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  • Cripples and Spinners is the first book to address one of the most important aspects in all of dry fly fishing-- Crippled insects and spinner falls. This may be the most important aspect in all of dry fly fishing, and I wrote this book to take you through it all. It features dozens of patterns and an in depth look at how to fish them. Hardcover.
  • Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout has changed they way we look at streamer fishing for big fish. This book will walk you through everything from holding areas, feeding zones, flies, retrieves, and equipment needed to master catching huge trout. Soft cover.
  • Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout II

    Kelly and Bob Linsenman revolutionized fly fishing with their groundbreaking book Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout in 1999.  Now Kelly Presents us with even more revolutionary strategies and patterns developed during a lifetime of intensive fishing on many of the world's greatest trout waters.  Modern Streamers II is an entirely new approach to streamer fishing with many new innovations in patterns and comprehensive chapters on where predatory trout live and feed, and how to target them.  Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout II will change the way you think about trout and is certain to make you a better streamer angler.


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