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  • baitfish emulator flash brown baitfish emulator flash
    Baitfish emulator flash is a beautiful mix of thin textured mylars with a specially treated edge for winding. All you need to do to make realistic underbodies, baitfish patterns, and other streamers is cut the material at an angle, wind it three to four times, and tie it off. It's that simple. 1 yard of material per package.
  • cactus chenille medium minnow blue cactus chenille
    Cactus chenille medium. Cactus chenille is a translucent chenille with pearlescent fibers that give off just the right amount of flash underwater. Very easy to work with, and makes great bodies on wooly buggers, streamers, and saltwater patterns.  We use cactus chenille to tie the bodies on our cactus wooly sculpinboogie man, and nancy p.  Available colors: black, chartreuse, olive, pearl, minnow blue, rootbeer, and yellow. 3 yards of material per package.
  • diamond braid silver diamond braid solid
    Diamond braid is composed of several strands of mylar that have been woven into a cord-like braid. Kelly uses pearl diamond braid for the under body on all of his zoo cougars, but it can be used for many different applications. Approximately 15 feet per package.
  • fly fish food small stonefly chenille coffee black fly fish food small stonefly chenille
    Finally a Variegated Chenille for tying smaller stoneflies like the infamous Pat's Rubber Legs.  This Chenille is perfect for making bodies on hooks #10-#14, and comes in some great color combinations.  If you are looking to tie Rubber Leg patterns in size 4-8, try our standard Variegated Chenille.
  • hackle flash black hackle flash
    Hackle flash is practically identical to UV polar chenille, and is a great way to add flashy bodies and collars to all your patterns.  The only differences we could find between hackle flash and UV polar chenille was the cord thickness ( polar chenille has a thicker cord) and the amount of material on the cord ( polar chenille has a tiny bit more), but ultimately they serve the same purpose and produce the same fishy results.  You will also find more silver fibers mixed in with this chenille, whereas polar chenille tends to have more pearl.  So why would you buy this product over UV polar chenille?  Color would be our answer, as this chenille comes in some very unique color combinations that you won't find in any other product line.  Each package of hackle flash contains 2 yards of material, and we carry it in black, purple, rootbeer, gold, silver, and olive colors.
  • holographic cactus chenille olive holographic cactus chenille
    Holographic cactus chenille is standard cactus chenille with a mix of silver and gold holographic fibers.  This is a great way to add a little flash to your streamer bodies.  Available colors: black, brown, olive, peacock, and silver/gold. 3 yards per package.
  • leech yarn rusty brown leech yarn
    This leech yarn features long Angora goat hairs that are twisted into the core.  These long, breathable fibers are best suited for mohair leeches and nymph bodies, and each package of leech yarn contains roughly 15 feet of material per pack.
  • medium chenille dark olive medium chenille
    We use this medium chenille for streamer bodies, wooly buggers, and stonefly nymphs like pat’s rubber legs. 5 yards of material per package.
  • midge diamond braid rust midge diamond braid
    A midge version of Hareline's popular Diamond Braid.  You can tie everything from midges to Bonefish flies with this material.
  • mop chenille tan mop chenille
    This chenille is the essential body material for making the infamous Mop Fly.  Each package contains five feet of 1/4" yarn, which can be easily tied on your favorite hook.
  • palmer chenille gray palmer chenille
    Palmer chenille is a pearlescent single-sided chenille that can be used to wrap collars or palmered to make great looking streamer bodies.  This material is very similar in design and function to UV polar chenille, but it gives off more of a green ora in the water rather than the bluish-purple sheen that you see in polar chenille. The fibers of the medium palmer chenille are roughly 3/4" long.
  • polar flash reflector chenille rootbeer polar flash reflector chenille
    Hareline's polar flash reflector chenille features the same consistency and length as the popular UV polar chenille, making it incredibly easy to make fishy looking bodies on streamers, intruders, saltwater flies, and stillwater patterns. The only difference you'll find with this product is that half the fibers feature a reflective, solid color mixed in with the standard translucent fibers that are found on standard polar chenille.  That said, polar flash reflector chenille is another great product for the contemporary fly tier and will add flash and movement to all your patterns.