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  • peacock swords close up peacock swords
    Premium quality swords.  Fibers are fairly stiff and strong and are ideal for tails, toppings or wings on nymphs, classic wet flies, salmon or steelhead patterns.
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  • mfc barred ostrich plume yellow mfc-barred-ostrich-plume
    Just a heads up to all the steelhead junkies out there-- These ostrich plumes from MFC feature the finest and most consistent barring on the market today. Use them to create dirty-looking intruder patterns, streamer wings, beautifully mottled nymph bodies and much more. 1 Plume Per Package.
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  • ostrich plumes amber ostrich plumes
    These ostrich plumes contain long and fluffy herl that is perfect for tying gilled nymphs like callibaetis and isonychias, but it can be used for a variety of fly tying applications.   1 Plume per package.
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  • Strung peacock herl is one of the most effective and versatile materials in fly tying, and has been used in fly patterns for just about every kind of game fish on the planet.
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  • peacock eyed sticks natural peacock eyed sticks
    It's hard to beat peacock for it's versatility and these peacock eyed sticks contain some of the fullest herl you'll find.  We use peacock for the wing cases on all of Kelly's hares ears to create that fishy iridescence that trout find irresistible.  4 sticks per pack.
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