Whiting Coq de Leon feathers might be the most versatile of any of their products.  Create dry fly and nymph tails, wooly bugger collars, large dry fly hackle, and baitfish tails.  The possibilities are endless. Whiting Farms is the only breeder in the world to offer Coq de Leon in Rooster and Hen and is one of the most sought after products they carry.

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  • The Whiting Coq de Leon Predator packs comes with two different colors of saddles that are perfect for tails on large streamers for pike and musky.
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  • Whiting coq de leon is the newest thing for all around dry and wet fly tying. The Coq de Leon feather is one of the best natural dry fly tailing feather available, but it also has bustard-like mottling which is perfect for wet fly tying and legging on nymphs. Whiting Farms is the only breeder of Coq de Leon with original bird stock from the Leon district of Spain.
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  • Whiting Coq de Leon Rooster Saddle has a wide range of feathers that offer the perfect tailing material plus can be used as large dry fly hackle and wooly bugger hackle.  This is an excellent natural tailing material from the center top feathers, sometimes called spade hackles.  These Saddles also provides large wet and dry fly hackle for skater, hexagenia, wulff and other large fly patterns.
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