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  • magnum tiger barred rabbit strips blue black white tiger barred rabbit strips
    These Magnum Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips are beautifully barred, 1/4" two-tone rabbit strips that are perfect for tying streamers and saltwater patterns. 3 Strips per pack.
  • tiger barred rabbit strips hot pink brown peach tiger barred rabbit strips
    Tiger barred rabbit strips are beautifully barred, two-tone strips that are perfect for tying streamers. Four grade a 1/8" strips per package.
  • squirrel skin natural gray squirrel skin natural fox
    This soft tanned squirrel skin is great for making natural colored dubbing on a variety of different nymph patterns, and it can also be blended with other natural or synthetic dubbings to create your own colors.  Color: Natural Gray.
  • Micro cut strips from Rex Rabbit Hides that have been dyed to imitate Pine Squirrel. This is a very fishy bunny strip that will jazz up streamers and leech patterns. 2 strips per pack.
  • snowshoe rabbit feet natural cream snowshoe rabbit feet
    The fur from Snowshoe Rabbit feet float extremely well on the water, making them an ideal wing material for comparadun style dry flies.  Each package contains a pair of both the front and hind legs so you get 4 feet per package.
  • rabbit strips olive variant rabbit strips
    1/8" rabbit strips cut from top quality hides.  Use them for streamers, bunny leeches, and saltwater patterns, but there is very little you can't do with rabbit strips when it comes to fly tying.  You can also rip the hairs off the strip and use them for dubbed bodies on nymphs. 4 1/8" strips per pack. Each strip is roughly 10" long.
  • pine squirrel skin zonked rust pine squirrel skin zonked

    Pine Squirrel Skin Zonked

    These whole pine squirrel skins are soft tanned and dyed over natural in a variety of fishy colors. The mottled hair is short and dense, and a great choice for tying leeches and smaller streamer patterns such as the slump buster or Kure's micro zonker.
  • pine squirrel skin rusty brown pine squirrel skin
    These whole pine squirrel skins are soft tanned and dyed over natural in a variety of fishy colors for the contemporary fly tyer.  We use this short and dense mottled hair to create buggy looking bodies on nymphs and emergers, but you can also cut them into strips to make great looking tails on small streamers and leech patterns.  You can also purchase this pine squirrel skin pre-zonked by clicking here.
  • nature's spirit squirrel tail red nature's spirit squirrel tail natural
    Nature's spirit squirrel tail can be used for wings on small bucktail streamers in addition to many atlantic salmon flies.  This is also a great material for making tails on larger traditional dry flies.  One tail per package.
  • nature's spirit hare's mask rusty orange nature's spirit premium hare's mask
    Grade 1 Premium Hare's Mask From Nature's Spirit.
  • mfc bunny brush yellow orange mfc bunny brush

    MFC Bunny Brush

    These Bunny Brushes from MFC allow you to easily wrap collars and heads on all your favorite streamer and winter steelhead patterns without the added weight of the hide that you get when using cross cut rabbit strips.  Each package contains three 6 inch brushes.
  • magnum rabbit strips natural magnum rabbit strips
    Cut from top quality hides, we use magnum rabbit strips on our butt monkeys, as well as for sculpins, crayfish, and steelhead patterns. Each package contains three 1/4" strips per bag. Each strip is approximately 10 inches in length.