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  • arctic fox tail hair yellow arctic fox tail hair
    Arctic Fox has always been popular with the steelhead community for collars and wings on fly patterns, but it also makes a great substitute for marabou or rabbit on a variety of streamer and saltwater flies.  This hair is soft and very easy to work with, and has just the right amount of guard hairs in the tips.
  • calf tail white calf tail
    Calf tail is still our favorite material for parachute posts, and we use it as an underwing on all of kelly's zoo cougars.  Color: white, orange, fl. yellow, fl. chartreuse, hot orange, tan, yellow, purple.
  • finn coon black temple fox
    Temple fox is extremely soft and lively (almost airy). It has a longer length than similar hairs like artic fox, which makes it great for tying streamers.  It makes a great substitute for bucktail, marabou, and craft fur. An added benefit of this material is that the under fur is fine and soft and can be used for dubbing. Temple fox makes great sculpin heads as well, and really pulsates underwater.
  • fox hair patch gray fox fox hair patch
    Fox Hair can be used for more fly tying applications than you might think. This material is definitely closer to fur than hair, and you can pick it out like you would on a hare's mask for naturally mottled dubbing material or cut off a chunk to use for collars and wings on nymphs and streamers.  Another nice this about this fox hair patch is that the guard hairs can be used for tails on dry flies and nymph patterns. Each patch measures approximately 2x3.
  • muskrat zonker strips black 09 muskrat zonker strips
    These Muskrat Zonker Strips are a great choice for tails on streamers and make fantastic looking claws on all your favorite crawfish patterns.  You can also strip the fur off to make bodies on nymphs, or wrap it up the hook shank for small to medium sized mouse patterns.  Each package contains two 2.5 mm strips.
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    Arctic fox tail hair is a great wing, composite loop hair, or perfect for tying bigger streamers. It is dense with thick under fur and large size guard hair. Not quite as short as body fur but builds up bulk fast and breathes incredibly well!
  • natures spirit coyote patch black nature's spirit coyote patch natural
    A truly unique fur that has an incredibly soft base with long guard hairs.  The fur is extremely dense, yielding a great number of flies from a patch and the guard hairs are cream, with a dark tip. Each multicolored piece takes the dye differently, which is part of the beauty of natural materials.  The guard hair averages about three inches, but can range from two all the way up to five inches.
  • Moose Body Hair is primarily used for tailing, but makes some nice wings as well.  Length varies from 1 1/2 " to 3".  Color: Natural.
  • These fully tanned Muskrat Skins from Nature's Spirit are a great way to create your own muskrat dubbing blends, or you can zonk them into strips for great looking streamer and leech bodies.  Muskrat is also a coveted material for tying realistic bodies on mouse patterns.
  • Speckled moose body is similar in length and texture to standard moose body hair but with a mix of white, brown, and black colors.  This is a very  interesting material which can be used to wrap bodies as well as for tails and wings. Color: Medium Dun.
  • rams wool black rams wool
    Traditional rams wool is perfect for making heads on baitfish and sculpin patterns. Available colors: white, chartreuse, yellow, cream, tan, shad gray, light olive, dark olive, sculpin olive, rust, brown, and black.
  • sculpin wool yellow sculpin wool
    Sculpin Wool comes in a large strand as opposed to Rams Wool which is simply a chunk of wool off the hide.  This gives you a lot more material to work with and allows you separate the strands to the desired thickness and length.
  • spirit river uv2 sculpin wool black spirit river uv2 sculpin wool
    We've been very pleased with the quality of spirit river uv2 sculpin wool. Not only does it tie in and trim easy, but it has the added advantage of combining uvf and uvr spectrums to enhance visibility under water.


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