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  • mirror wrap red mirror wrap
    The Fibers on this chenille are a little longer than what you find on Hackle Flash but made with 90% Mirror Flash and 10% Tri Lobal Hair. This stuff literally explodes with reflection in the water.
  • veevus holographic tinsel red veevus holographic tinsel
    This Holographic Tinsel is essentially Holographic Flashabou available on a spool and in different sizes.  This is a great material for nymph bodies and wet flies and each spool contains 20 meters of material.
  • mfc sparkle minnow body brush gold mfc sparkle minnow body brush silver holographic
    These Sparkle Minnow Body Brushes  allows you to tie your own sparkle minnows in half the time, and they come in a wide array of fishy colors.  Simply tie it in and wrap your brush up the hook shank and you are good to go, but they also come in handy for making eye-popping bodies and heads on your own custom patterns.  Six 12" brushes per pack.
  • hends pearl scud back yellow hends pearl scud back
    This Pearl Scudback is a braided ribbon of iridescent fibers that can be used to add an eye-popping effect on all your favorite scud patterns, and can also be used for an underlayer on standard thin skin or scudback. You can also use it to make bodies on nymphs and streamers as well. Each pack contains 1 meter of material and the braid is roughly 3 mm in width.
  • mfc holosheen chartreuse mfc holosheen
    MFC Holosheen is identical to standard flashabou, but with a smooth, metallic finish that lights up like crazy in the sun. This material does not include a supporting fiber so the flash lays flat and has a brilliant holographic shine. Holosheen is a great way to add unique reflective properties to all your streamer patterns, especially in the 1/32" size.  The 1/69" version in also thin enough for bodies and ribs on nymphs and dry flies, and can be used for wing cases as well.
  • Pearl tinsel is a great material for making bodies, wing cases, and flash accents  on everything from nymph patterns to streamers.  We use it to make the body on the crystal serendipity, but there are so many uses for this material that we could write an entire fly tying book on it.  Veevus pearl tinsel also has greater breaking strength and more material per spool than other manufactures and belongs on every fly tyer's desk.
  • ripple ice fiber uv pearl ripple ice fiber
    Ripple Ice Fiber is a great material for making flashy bodies and wings on all your favorite streamer patterns.  These 3"-4" fibers are naturally crinkled, and have an incredibly reflective sheen that really glows underwater.  You can also put Ripple Ice Fiber in a dubbing loop and wrap it up the shank to make bulky bodies without adding weight to your flies.
  • uv enhancer flash rootbeer uv enhancer flash
    UV enhancer flash is a soft, but moderately stiff material that can be used for nymph bodies and underwings of larger dry flies, but it also an easy way to add UV reflective flash to your favorite streamer patterns.
  • speckled flashabou silver speckled flashabou
    Speckled flashabou is a little softer than traditional flashabou, and features a mottled grizzly finish that tones down the original color.  Use it to add flash and movement on your streamer patterns, or wrap it up the hook shank for buggy looking bodies on nymphs and dry flies.  Speckled flashabou is available in speckled copper, speckled gold, and speckled silver.
  • krinkle flash peacock black larva lace krinkle mirror flash
    Krinkle Mirror Flash is essentially the same material as Hareline's popular 1/69 lateral scale, but in different colors.  This is a great way to add flash to the lateral line of your streamers, but it also works great for making bodies on nymphs.  Each package of krinkle mirror flash comes in an 8" hank with approximately 800 strands of material.
  • larva lace angel hair black olive larva lace angel hair
    Larva lace angel hair is a very fine mylar material that comes in 6"-8" strands.  Angel hair blends well with most materials, doesn't absorb water, and can be used to create custom dubbing blends.  Used as is, this material is also great for tying wings on fresh or saltwater streamers or it can be cut up into short pieces to make great looking bodies on nymphs and dry flies.  Simply put, larva lace angel hair is an incredibly versatile material and a must for the contemporary fly tyer.
  • palmer chenille gray palmer chenille
    Palmer chenille is a pearlescent single-sided chenille that can be used to wrap collars or palmered to make great looking streamer bodies.  This material is very similar in design and function to UV polar chenille, but it gives off more of a green ora in the water rather than the bluish-purple sheen that you see in polar chenille. The fibers of the medium palmer chenille are roughly 3/4" long.