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  • 6mm fly foam black 6mm fly foam
    6 mm Fly Foam is perfect for mouse imitations like the Super Dawson or Morrish Mouse 2.0 and has a many other uses. Each package contains two sheets of material. Each sheet is 3 x 4.5.
  • ep craft fur brush white white ep craft fur brush
    Enrico Puglisi's EP Craft Fur Brush is a simple way to make great looking collars and heads on your streamer patterns.  These 3 inch wide brushes feature two different colors of craft fur spun up with just the right amount of UV fibers, and are a great choice for making incredibly durable flies.  6 ten inch Brushes per pack.
  • ep trigger point fibers spinner wing ep trigger point fibers
    EP Trigger Point Fibers were designed to match a multitude of wing and body colors found in aquatic insects, and come pre-treated with Water Shed for added floatability.  These 8 inch fibers are a great material for making wings on mayfly and caddis patterns, but can also be used on larger dries like the Chubby Chernobyl.
  • extra select craft fur yellow extra select craft fur
    This Extra Select Craft Fur is some of the best you will find for tying larger streamer and saltwater patterns and comes in a wide array of colors to meet your needs.  This stuff is very easy to work with, sheds water, and is an extremely durable material.  Each patch is 5"X5"
  • fly foam yellow fly foam
    Fly foam is perfect for stonefly and terrestrial imitations like the Chubby Chernoybyl and has a million uses and counting.  Each package contains three sheets of material. Each sheet is 3 x 4.5.
  • hends pearl scud back yellow hends pearl scud back
    This Pearl Scudback is a braided ribbon of iridescent fibers that can be used to add an eye-popping effect on all your favorite scud patterns, and can also be used for an underlayer on standard thin skin or scudback. You can also use it to make bodies on nymphs and streamers as well. Each pack contains 1 meter of material and the braid is roughly 3 mm in width.
  • mayfly tails white mayfly tails
    Mayfly tails are nylon fibers that have been pre-treated with Water Shed for improved floatability, and are a great way to add realism to all your favorite mayfly patterns.
  • mfc foto foam yellow mfc foto foam
    MFC Foto Foam has a really cool mottled effect that will instantly bring life into your favorite stonefly and terrestrial patterns. Each package contains 4 pieces of 2 mm foam that measure 2x6.
  • mfc micro barred fibbetts white black mfc micro barred fibbetts
    MFC’s Micro Barred Fibbetts are translucent tapered nylon fibers permanently barred using the MFC Fusion dying process. Dye deeply penetrates the fibers providing a durable barring better than nature intended. Perfect for mayfly tails, nymph antenna, and legs on smaller patterns.
  • mfc z yarn adams grey mfc z yarn
    MFC Z Yarn is very similar to crinkled z-lon and comes with about twice the amount of material per pack.  We use MFC z yarn for shucks on caddis dries like the butch caddis and the x-caddis, but it also works great on mayfly emergers as well.
  • midge diamond braid rust midge diamond braid
    A midge version of Hareline's popular Diamond Braid.  You can tie everything from midges to Bonefish flies with this material.
  • midge tubing rust midge tubing
    Midge Tubing is a semi-translucent, hollow material that allows you to make tight looking bodies on a variety of nymphs and emergers.  You can also use it to make legs or antenna on stonefly nymphs, or wrap it up a Gamakatsu C12U for micro worms.  Because it is relatively see-through, you can add another dimension to your body colors by simply adding different thread or tinsels underneath it as well. Long story short, this is a great synthetic material to add to your arsenal.