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  • hends perdigones pearl body olive brown 32 hends perdigones pearl body
    Hends Perdigones Pearl Body is a flat pearl tinsel for nymph bodies, such as the popular perdigon fly. This material comes in two sizes in a wide array of fishy colors, and is sure to add life to some of your favorite patterns.  We also suggest coating it with a UV resin to maintain durability. Please Note: Medium Size is 1/32" and Fine is 1/69"
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  • uin french oval tinsel gold uni-french-oval-tinsel
    Uni french oval tinsel is great for ribbing nymphs, wet flies, streamers, and classic atlantic salmon and steelhead patterns.  One nice thing about this tinsel is that comes pre-varnished, so the metallic color will never fade.
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  • utc holographic tinsel sivler utc holographic tinsel
    UTC Holographic Tinsel is great for making bodies on nymphs and streamers and can also be used for wing cases.
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  • This Opal Mirage Tinsel has color shifting, mirror-like properties that creates an iridescent, chameleon effect.  This is a great material for nymph bodies and flash backs.
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  • utc flat mylar gold silver tinsel utc flat mylar gold silver tinsel
    This is a cool product which eliminates the need for two different spools.  Silver mylar tinsel on one side and gold on the other.
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