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Hair Stackers and Packers

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  • cohens fugly packer close cohen's fugly packer
    Cohen's fugly packer is like no other hair packer we've encountered. It has finger guards for your protection, so you can apply maximum force without worry of slipping into a hook point.  The fugly packer measures in at just over six inches long for comfort and stability. The front of the packer is beveled and a has a hole that accommodates most larger hook sizes. This is the hair packer of all hair packers and proudly made in the USA.
  • cohens fugly packer close cohen's junior fugly packer
    Cohen's junior fugly packer is made a little smaller than the original fugly packer.  This is a perfect hair packer for smaller bass bugs, bombers, muddlers or whatever else needs hair tightly packed on a hook.  Fits like a charm in the palm of your hand all with the same toughness, durability and safety of the original.  5 inches long and 1/2 wide.
  • This large Dr. Slick stainless steel hair stacker is made from 400 grade stainless steel and features very low static build up.  This is a great choice for stacking medium to large clumps of hair and measures in at 2.75" long.
  • loon complete fly tying tool kit
    Loon's Core Fly Tying Tool Kit and the Accessory Fly Tying Tool Kit together as one for anyone who wants to take their bench from zero to hero.
  • The renzetti r-evolution magnum hair stacker is the product we've been searching for ever since griffin took their magnum model off the market a few years back.   This tool is absolutely perfect for stacking up large clumps of hair for spinning.  The tube is 2.25" long and has a diameter of 5/8". Made in the USA.
  • This Stacker is designed to make quick work of bundling hair for small streamers and large dry flies.  Dimensions: 1.75" long tube, 5/8" Diameter
  • swinger stacker gold black swinger stacker

    Swinger Stacker

    Formerly known as the JHNIC Easy Hair Stacker, The Swinger Stacker is made from aircraft aluminum, and features a hinge system that allows for easy hair removal.  Please Note: There are slight differences in coloration for Gold portions of the stackers.