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  • bloom's optic nerve hare's ear bloom's optic nerve pheasant tail
    Dave Bloom's Optic Nerve is a really cool jig series that we are excited to have in the shop.  This is a great searching pattern but the soft hackle collar and UV pink hot spot make this a great choice during caddis and mayfly hatches too.
  • Eric Kelly's Dirt Devil was developed on Penns Creek in Central Pennsylvania, and is a slight variation on the traditional peacock and partridge soft hackle.  Eric replaced the gold wire with a rib of red glow brite floss, and replaced the partridge with starling and tends to work best when caddisflies are hatching.  Size 14 Barbless.
  • Craig McDonald's Duracell Jig has been a European staple for a number of years now, and has recently taken hold in waters throughout the US.  It can be fished using a standard two fly set up, but also makes a great point fly for a drop shot or Czech nymph set up. Size 16
  • This was easily our top caddis larva pattern on the Madison last season, and represents both the free living Rhyacophila and hydropsyche caddis larva that are so abundant in rivers throughout the country.  As with all of Oliver Edwards' patterns, this bug looks just as good as it fishes and the durable construction ensures it will last after hours of abuse. Color: Olive.
  • egan's frenchie egan's frenchie
    Lance Egan's Frenchie represents his most productive color combination for this traditional european nymph. We tend do well with this pattern in July and August when the bulk of our mayflies are hatching, but it is certainly proven its worth when used as a searching pattern as well.
  • The Euro Nymph Box contains 42 of our favorite European flies that we fish on the Madison all wrapped up in a Slide Inn Silicon Waterproof fly box.  Flies included in this assortment are listed below.
  • The Red Butt Dart features a quill body, red tag, and peacock black ice dub in the thorax.  Size 16 with a 3.3 mm bead
  • There's nothing too complicated about the old Hare's Ear and Copper, but that is probably why it's so effective.  We seem to do best on this pattern when there is caddis activity on the river, but it has also been a great general searching pattern for us as well. Tungsten bead. Barbless.
  • The Holo Point is a quill-bodied perdigon with a couple turns of holographic tinsel for a hot spot.  These flies are tied on a Fulling Mill 35050.
  • This Perdigon Jig features a peacock colored body with a chartreuse hot spot and features a 3.3 mm tungsten bead.  Size 16
  • This Perdigon Jig features a dark pearl body with a fl. orange tag on the but.  Size 14 features a 3.8 mm tungsten bead while the size 16 has a 3.3 mm. bead.
  • This Perdigon Jig features a quill body with a Fl. Orange Hot Spot.  The size 16 has a 3.3 mm tungsten bead and the size 18 has a 2.8 mm.