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  • mop fly chartreuse mop fly tan

    Mop Fly

    The Mop Fly is not the most aesthetically pleasing pattern out there, nor is it very complicated to tie.  However, it makes a damn fine crane fly larva or grub imitation, and one that fish will go out of their way to eat.  The body of the fly is made from the microfiber dreadlocks that your find on store bought mops, and a few turns of dubbing behind the beadhead finish off this simple, fish catching machine.  Love it or hate it, the Mop Fly is here to stay. Available in size 10.
  • ninch's fish finder wine ninch's fish finder fluorescent pink
    Ninch's Fish Finder is a cool little variation on a traditional San Juan worm that features an underbody of holographic flashabou, wire rib, and a lucent brass bead to help get it down in a hurry.  We use this pattern a bunch during high water, but it also comes in handy when you need a worm dropper for a large dry fly.  Available in size 12.
  • san juan worm fl pink san juan worm red
    The San Juan Worm is one of the most simple yet highly effective nymph patterns out there, and is an absolute must have for Spring fishing throughout the country. Size 12.
  • squirminator jig hot pink squirminator jig bloodworm red
    There's dirty, and then there's the squirminator jig.  This is basically a squirmy worm tied on a jig hook with a tungsten bead, which allows the fly to get down in a hurry and ride hook up in order to minimize hang ups.  Color: Bloodworm Red, Hot Pink.  Available in size 12.
  • squirmy worm red squirmy worm hot pink
    There's nothing too radical about the squirmy worm, but man does it flat-out fish.  The soft silcone-like material bounces and moves against even the slightest bit of current, and is an absolute must on any river during runoff.  If you would prefer to tie your own squirmy worm flies, you can buy the material here.  Available in size 12.
  • The Wire Worm is another super simple worm pattern that we use a lot during high water, and is essentially red wire tied on a  Mustad 37160 with a little orange thread in the middle.  This fly also makes a great dropper off a big dry fly and gets down quickly.


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