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  • This Booby is tough to beat. Keep it simple with a black over chartreuse color scheme, as the Crystal Bristol Viva will grab the attention of any fish in it's vicinity. Size 10.
  • Mink has a quality much like pine squirrel when it gets wet. It's ability to push water and pulsate is top notch, and the Minkie White is a great booby pattern when fish are targeting fry. Size 10.
  • Blobs can be devastatingly effective, and the Golden Olive is a great attractor pattern for any washline system. Size 10.
  • Blobs can be devastatingly effective, and the FAB Biscuit is a great attractor pattern for any washline system. Size 10.
  • Stripped in a jerking motion, the Long Tailed Damsel's accentuated marabou tail adds an enormous amount of fishy goodness that stillwater trout can't resist.  Available in size 8.
  • The Peaches & Cream Booby features an underbody of pearl tinsel, peach marabou, and yellow eyes.  It can be fished on any line density and is available in size 10.
  • Booby flies are an untapped resource for stillwater anglers here in the states, and the Pickled Cabbage is another great pattern from Fulling Mill that can be fished with any line density you wish. Size 10.
  • Woofta

    The Woofta is a pure fish attractor, and makes a great searching fly when you first get on the water. Use with any density fly line. Size 10.
  • chan's las vegas booby leech black peacock chan's las vegas booby leech
    Chan's Las Vegas booby leech is a simple but highly effective booby pattern with a marabou tail, estaz body, and traditional white foam for the eyes.  Booby flies have been a staple for stillwater anglers in the UK for thirty years, and have recently gained more of a following in the US.  This pattern is designed to be fished on a sinking line, and the foam eyes keep it suspended above the bottom.  The action created by the foam eyes give this pattern an irresistible action, making it a great choice for stillwater fish any time of year.  Size 8.


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