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    3D glass chironomid black 3D glass chironomid blood red
    The 3D glass chironomid is another buggy looking pattern that features a thread body, pearlescent tinsel rib, and two holographic red strips on each side of the thorax.  Available in size 12.
  • The black and silver chironomid features a black thread body, silver wire rib, a pearlescent wing case, and two light orange biots on each side of the thorax.  Available in size 12.
  • Bucky's Kinkhammer is a good choice for fish feeding on smaller Chironomid Emergers, and is basically a Zebra Midge tied Klinkhammer style.  Size 14.
  • Brian Chan's BH Chironomid Bomber is a simple yet highly effective Chironomid that you can fish with confidence just about anywhere.  Color: Black/Silver.  Size: 12.
  • Brian Chan's Holo Black Chironomid Pupa is a productive pattern for all stillwaters. Size 14.
  • The Chironomid Adult is a super simple yet highly effective pattern for those giant midges we get on our surrounding lakes each May.  It features a grizzly hackle tip and a few strands of white Z-lon for the tail, black superfine dubbing body, a deer hair over-wing, and a few turns of hackle.  Size 14.
  • The mottled body of the crank shank chironomid is pretty much identical to the stop light, and it features a pearl wing case and a pair of holographic orange tinsel strips along each side of the thorax.  Available in size 12.
  • kelly's ice cream cone tan ice cream cone chironomid black
    The ice cream cone chironomid has been an old standby in Quake and Hebgen since we opened the shop and is one of our more popular patterns ever year.  This simple pattern features a thread body, wire rib, and a white bead head up front.  The ice cream cone chironomid is a great choice for lakes across the country and is most effective when fished using a washline or suspension system.
  • The Mad Bomber Chironomid features a black thread body with a red and silver rib.
  • Morrison's Criss Cross Chironomid is a great pattern for us in spring and early summer, and features a black body with crossed red and silver wire. Available in Size 12.
  • Morrison's Kaleidoscope is another flashy chironomid pattern that fished well for us on Hebgen Lake last year.  It features a red flashabou body with a green and silver rib and a few wraps of peacock herl in the thorax.  Available in size 12-14.
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    The Tartan falls into the Chromie style of Chironomid patterns that imitate the more translucent silver species of lake dwelling midges.  It features a silver flashabou body with a black and red rib and a little peacock in the thorax.  Available in size 12.