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  • bh hale bopp leech brown bh hale bopp leech
    The BH hale bopp leech is a favorite pattern of ours for fishing the surrounding lakes in our area, but it seems to work in just about every piece of stillwater that we take it.  It features a perfectly proportioned mohair body and a sparse marabou tail that looks just like a natural leech underwater.  Available in size 10.
  • bh simi seal leech olive bh simi seal leech black red
    The BH simi seal leech has been one of our best leech imitations over the last three years, and is tied with John Rohmer's infamous Arizona Simi Seal dubbing.  This pattern is tied with great proportions, and is a great choice for slow-stripping in lakes or dead-drifting under an indicator.  Available in size 10.
  • ch krystal bugger olive ch krystal bugger
    Sometimes there's just no substitute for a wooly bugger, and the flashy body on these conehead krystal buggers bring another dimension to an already time-tested pattern.
  • chan's las vegas booby leech black peacock chan's las vegas booby leech
    Chan's Las Vegas booby leech is a simple but highly effective booby pattern with a marabou tail, estaz body, and traditional white foam for the eyes.  Booby flies have been a staple for stillwater anglers in the UK for thirty years, and have recently gained more of a following in the US.  This pattern is designed to be fished on a sinking line, and the foam eyes keep it suspended above the bottom.  The action created by the foam eyes give this pattern an irresistible action, making it a great choice for stillwater fish any time of year.  Size 8.
  • Chan's Mature Damsel Nymph is perfect when large mature nymphs prowl the weeds or during their emergence trek toward shore. Size 12.
  • foisset's TWS olive foisset's tws rust
    Foisset's TWS is a great looking leech pattern that features a red beadhead and great proportions.  Available in size 12.
  • Galloup's T&A Leech White galloup's t&a leech
    The T&A leech was one of the first articulated flies I came up with, and it has never let me down. This fly is all marabou so it moves like nothing else, and is extremely light and very easy to cast.  The T&A leech is of my favorite leech patterns, but it is also one of my favorite general attractor patterns as well.  I primarily fish this fly in rivers, but it has quickly become one of my go-to articulated streamers for fishing lakes.
  • Hale Bopp Leech Olive hale bopp leech burgandy
    The hale bopp leech is one of those leech patterns that every angler should have in their box if they are fishing water where leeches are present.  It's all about the slim profile on this one. Available colors: black, brown, wine, and olive. Available in Size 10.
  • j's damsel in distress j's damsel in distress top
    The Damsel in Distress is a great looking adult damsel fly with great proportions and is very easy to see.  Size 12
  • The jig bugger is another modern twist on the wooly bugger that is tied on a 90 degree jig hook.  This allows the fly to ride hook-up when nymphed along the bottom of the river, but it is just as effective when stripped or hung under a suspension system when fishing stillwaters. .
  • Kory's Grinch is pretty similiar to a local pattern called the Christmas Tree Bugger, and has been a great producer in local lakes.  Size 10.
  • Semi Seal Bugger Black/Burgandy rickards bh seal bugger burnt orange
    Denny rickards' BH seal bugger is a very productive leech pattern that we use on the lakes around south west Montana, but it has proven itself in lakes and rivers all across the country. Available colors: black/burgundy, olive/orange, and burnt orange/olive. Size #8.