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  • The Twin Lake Special is a very fishy looking wooly bugger that works great for a leech imitation as well as for larger damsels and dragons.  It features a tri-color tail of olive, light brown, and black marabou, a peacock body, and brown palmered hackle.  Available in size 6 and size 8.
  • ch krystal bugger olive ch krystal bugger
    Sometimes there's just no substitute for a wooly bugger, and the flashy body on these conehead krystal buggers bring another dimension to an already time-tested pattern.
  • Kory's Grinch is pretty similiar to a local pattern called the Christmas Tree Bugger, and has been a great producer in local lakes.  Size 10.
  • rowley's balanced baitfish fathead rowley's balanced baitfish perch
    Phil Rowley's Balanced Baitfish works well suspended beneath an indicator when fishing around shoreline weeds and weed pockets where minnows love to hang out.  Even though this pattern was primarily developed for stillwater fishing, it should also do extremely well in rivers when big fish get on a minnow feed.  Size 10.
  • silver humungus gold humungus fly
    The Humungus features a marabou tail, tinsel chenille body, and a set of bead chain eyes that allows it to dive ever so slightly when paused.  The black and gold version makes a great leech imitation, and the silver can be lethal when fish are targeting small fry.
  • The jig bugger is another modern twist on the wooly bugger that is tied on a 90 degree jig hook.  This allows the fly to ride hook-up when nymphed along the bottom of the river, but it is just as effective when stripped or hung under a suspension system when fishing stillwaters. .
  • This is another one of those time-tested patterns that continues to produce quality fish in any body of water where crayfish are part of the food base. We dead drift this pattern a lot on the Lower Madison, but you can also throw in some twitches and watch the line go taut as well. Color: Tan.  Available in size #8.
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  • Ritt's Fighting Craw Olive Blue ritt's fighting crawfish
    This is a great little crawfish pattern from the folks at Montana Fly Company. Ritt's fighting crawfish rides hook up, and displays just the right fighting posture when paused. Fish it in olive/blue for molting crawfish. Available in size 8.
  • kraft's kreelex gold silver kraft's kreelex copper gold
    Chuck Kraft created the kreelex streamer specifically for targeting trout, but it has proved to be a deadly pattern for just about every gamefish on the planet including bass, redfish, and carp. Size 4.
  • zonker natural copper zonker natural gold
    Dan Byford is credited with tying the first Zonker back in the mid 1970's, and it remains a staple fly pattern to this day. Much like the Clouser Minnow, the Zonker is an extremely versatile baitfish pattern that has accounted for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species across the globe, and can be actively retrieved or dead-drifted with equal success.
  • zirddle bug natural 12 zirddle bug natural 8
    The Zirdle Bug has its origins in the Bozeman area and represents a hybridization of the Zonker and a Girdle Bug.  This is a great dead drifter for crayfish and stoneflies, but can also be twitched or stripped along the bottom with equal success.
  • galloup's belly bumper craw top galloup's belly bumper craw olive
    Kelly's Belly Bumper Craw is a new bite-sized little crayfish pattern that can be stripped, twitched, and dead-drifted with equal success.  Available in size 6.
  • The Franke Shiner is a simple yet highly effective bucktail streamer that accurately imitates a variety of trout fry and small baitfish.  A well known and accomplished fly tyer from the Catskills, Floyd Franke created this pattern for fishing the water around Lake Eerie and it has been around for quite some time.  It features pearlescent body, 4 different colors of stacked bucktail, and just the right amount of krystal flash on top. Available in size 6.
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    Galloup's Craw- Olive Galloup's Craw- Tan
    Galloup's Craw is a highly effective crayfish pattern for trout and warm water species alike.  Colors: Tan, Olive.  Size: 4
  • The snapping craw is a bite-sized crawfish pattern that is absolutely deadly on the lower Madison and Hebgen Lake. The snapping craw is similar to the legendary clouser crayfish, and features a pair of red eyes as well as brass bead under the tail.  Color: Olive.  Available in size 6.
  • The smoke wagon is Kelly's go to trailer fly, and is the single hook version of the infamous barely legal.  This is also a great choice for imitating trout fry in late spring and summer.
  • Also known as a turkey back craw, The ClawsR Crayfish is deadly little crayfish pattern to dead drift along the bottom.  Size 8.
  • rohmer's simi seal zonker silver white rohmer's simi seal zonker olive white
    These beautiful Zonkers feature a body made from simi seal dubbing, single rabbit strip for the wing and tail, and a few turns of saddle hackle at the head.  Size 4.  Fly is approximately 3" long.
  • The Peeler is Kelly's cone headed version of the Stacked Blonde, but with the addition of an ice chenille under body, a few strands of flashabou, and a pair of hackle tips. Size: 4.
  • Cactus Wooly Sculpin Tan galloup's cactus wooly sculpin olive
  • Galloup's T&A Leech White galloup's t&a leech
    The T&A leech was one of the first articulated flies I came up with, and it has never let me down. This fly is all marabou so it moves like nothing else, and is extremely light and very easy to cast.  The T&A leech is of my favorite leech patterns, but it is also one of my favorite general attractor patterns as well.  I primarily fish this fly in rivers, but it has quickly become one of my go-to articulated streamers for fishing lakes.
  • Jeff Hickman's Skiddish Smolt is a small baitfish or smolt pattern that literally lights up underwater.  This is a killer pattern on the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers, and one that we fish with confidence anywhere where fish like a lot of flash. Available in Size 4.
  • galloups barely legal conehead brown yellow galloup's barely legal conehead
    The Barely Legal Conehead has been one of our top streamers on the Madison over the last four  years
  • Brokeback Crawdaddy topshot galloup's brokeback crawdaddy mottled tan
    In my never ending quest for more movement I broke the old Craw in half to see if it could be made to move even more.....it worked. The Brokeback's weighted back hook gives the fly an incredible amount of action. My biggest Madison fish in '06 came to this fly. Available Colors: Olive, and Tan. Available in Size 4 (Articulated).
  • Nancy P Craw Orange Galloup's Nancy P Fire Tiger
    The Nancy P is quickly becoming one of my favorite attractor patterns. I developed the fly as a crayfish pattern, but it seems to fish just as well as a general attractor-- Even places where there are no crayfish residing. I wanted a fly that would articulate both up and down and side to side as well as creating a great profile with bunch of moving parts. I like to fish her with moderate twitches, pausing the fly to let the legs dance, but she works great with long pulls and swings too. I designed this fly for trout but if your a bass angler then this fly will quickly become your go to bug. Size 2, Articulated. Fly is approximately 4.25" long.
  • galloup's pearl necklace yellow galloup's pearl necklace white
    The Pearl Necklace was the first articulated streamer pattern I designed using UV shimmer fringe. This is a true reactionary fly yet has an incredible amount of realism. The flutter tail and life-like profile make it one of the best bright day flies I have used, but it has also worked really well in low light conditions, which is where the UV shimmer fringe comes into play.   The pearl necklace is a game changer for sure. Available colors: White and Yellow.  (The yellow version of the pearl necklace is commonly referred to as the golden shower).
  • Galloup's Tips Up White galloup's tips up olive
    Galloup's Tips Up was the first articulated streamer to create action without you doing a thing. The fly has has a floating rear end so the tail tries to float back up when you stop stripping which automatically creates action to the fly. This is a great crayfish pattern, as well as an exceptional general attractor pattern in all of the available colors.
  • Sobota's Swimmin Jimmy Chartreuse White 4 sobota's swimmin jimmy rainbow 4
    The Swimmin Jimmy was created by Andy Sobota while trying to improve upon my T&A bunker pattern. Andy wanted something that would ride just below the surface and then pop back up like an injured minnow, and this fly does exactly that. This may be the granddaddy of all trigger flies when fished properly.