Fishing Report August 13th, 2014

Madison River Dam: 985 cfs Kirby: 1,130 cfs Varney: 1,300 cfs The Upper is still fishing pretty well and the Nocturnal Stonefly bite is hanging in there for the most part. The big news over the last week is that we started seeing flight ants over the last three or four days.  If you have ever hit an ant flight you know that there are very few things that can top it, be it salmonflies, spruce moths, or even drakes.  Ants are a staple for trout this time of year but when the ants are recolonizing and the big females [...]

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Fishing Report for August 4th, 2014

Madison River Dam: 1,040 cfs Kirby: 1,240 cfs Varney: 1,390 cfs The Upper Madison is still fishing quite well, and not a whole lot has changed since our last report with the exception of the streamer bite.  We have noticed that some of our larger browns have been chasing articulated patterns with more regularity than in weeks past, but obviously mornings and evenings have been the most productive time periods unless you have the clouds hovering over you all day.  As far as patterns go, it's been the usual suspects for the most part: olive envys, dungeons, and pecs in [...]

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