Madison River Fishing Report

madison river fishing report 4-30-2019

Madison River Fishing Report for April 30th, 2019

Dam: 1,790 cfs

Kirby: 1,850 cfs

Varney: 2,130 cfs

Fishing on the Upper Madison has been solid lately despite the cold snap and brutally frigid winds that came in over the weekend and lasted through Monday night.  Obviously you want to keep an eye on the forecast these days if you plan on floating, as 25-30 mph north winds are not anybody’s idea of a good time.  The good news is that you can usually find a little shelter in the upper wade stretches as well as between the lakes if wind is an issue. From the looks of things we are going to start warming up a little bit around here on Thursday, with highs in the fifties and sixties expected through the weekend.  All the ramps are good to go in the float section with the exception of Ennis, but it shouldn’t be more than another week or two.

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Madison River Fishing Report

madison river fishing report 4-23-2019

Madison River Fishing Report for April 23rd, 2019

Dam: 1,890 cfs

Kirby: 2,000 cfs

Varney: 2,290 cfs

More good reports have been rolling in this week, as the Upper Madison continues to hold its own well into April and the fishing has been excellent.  Wind has been the biggest factor as far as floating is concerned, but you can always find some shelter in the upper stretches if 25-30 mph gusts are in the forecast.  Otherwise we are looking at perfect spring temperatures this week, with highs in the mid fifties to mid sixties and relatively warm nighttime lows.

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Madison River Fishing Report

madison river fishing report 4-16-2019

Madison River Fishing Report for April 16th, 2019

Dam: 1,610 cfs

Kirby: 1,610 cfs

Varney: 1,830 cfs

The river continues to fish well despite cold water temps this month, and the best window of opportunity seems to be in that 10:00 – 5:00 range.  We should start to see water temperatures warm up quite a bit this week, as the forecast is calling for sunshine and highs in the fifties through Friday.  All the boat ramps from Raynold’s to Burnt Tree are open for business, but it’s still going to be a while before Ennis and Valley garden are ready to go.  You still can’t back a trailer down to the water at Raynold’s but you can get it close enough to slide your boat down on the snow. Also worth noting is that the road down to Three Dollar Bridge was plowed last week, which will save you the 10 minute walk down from the highway parking lot.

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Madison River Fishing Report

madison river fishing report 4-3-2019

Madison River Fishing Report for April 3rd, 2019

Dam: 1,120 cfs

Kirby: 1,150 cfs

Varney: 1,260 cfs

The Upper Madison has been fishing well again this week, and access has gotten a little bit better as the low lying snow has begun to recede.  There’s still quite a bit on the banks between Quake and Pine Butte, but we should should start to see a little more grass showing in those sections with the mix of rain and snow in the forecast through next week.  Otherwise our snowpack in the Madison Range remains above average with 112% of moisture content, and we are expecting more snow in the high country in the weeks to come.

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