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  • This style of hook was originally developed for Texas Rigging soft plastics; however, it works really well for fly-fishing in waters with a lot of weed or if you want to fish close to the bottom without getting too many unintended hook ups.
    • Black Nickel Finish
    • Available in size 1/0, 3/0 & 5/0
    • Chemically sharpened needle point
    • 8 hooks per package
  • ahrex trout predator 26 degree streamer hook tp650 bundle ahrex trout predator 26 degree streamer hook tp650
    The TP610 Trout Predator 26 Degree Streamer Hook was designed specifically with articulated streamer patterns like the Drunk and Disorderly and Sid’s in mind where an angled deer hair head creates a wedge in order to give the fly an erratic action.  Another cool thing about this hook is that it can be flipped upside down to make a jig style pattern with the addition of dumbbell eyes or a sculpin helmet.
    •  Large hook gap to accommodate bigger heads
    • Strong wire
    • 26 degree bent design
    • Chemically sharpened with small barb
    • Black Nickel Finish
    • 12 Hooks Per Pack
  • ahrex-trout-predator-streamer-hook-tp610-bundle ahrex trout predator streamer hook tp610
    The TP610 Trout Predator Streamer Hook works extremely well as a front hook for modern articulated streamers where you need a little bigger gap. The larger hook gap aids tracking and hook up percentage on bulky patterns, especially deer hair and mouse patterns.
    • Stinger/Aberdeen hybrid bend.
    • Strong wire.
    • Black Nickel Finish
    • Chemically sharpened with small barb
    • 12 Hooks Per Pack
  • The dai-riki 730 is a versatile hook that we've used for nymphs, streamers, and even hoppers. 1x strong, 2x long, down eye, round bend. 50 hooks per pack.
  • The daiichi 1550 is a standard length/ standard wire hook with a sport bend and down eye.  Color: bronze.  Uses: streamers, nymphs, and wet flies. 25 hooks per pack. Available in Sizes 2-8.
  • The daiichi 1640 is a 2x short, straight eye hook used for tying streamers, egg patterns, and tube flies.  25 hooks per pack.
  • The daiichi 1710 is a 2x long streamer/nymph hook that features a round bend, down eye, and 1x heavy wire. 25 hooks per pack.
  • The daiichi 1750 is a straight eye, 4x long streamer hook with a round bend and 1x heavy wire. 25 hooks per pack.
  • The daiichi 1850 is a 4x long hook with a round bend, flat straight-eye, and 1x heavy wire.  25 hooks per pack.  Bronze.
  • The daiichi 2220 is a down eye streamer hook.  Round bend, down eye, 1x heavy wire, 4x long shank. Bronze.  Size 1: 15 per pack. Size 2: 20 per pack. Sizes 4-8: 25 per pack.
  • The Daiichi 2450 features the classic O’shaughnessy bend. The heavy wire makes this a great hook for larger predatory fish and one we use quite a bit for the rear hook on articulated streamers.
  • The daiichi 2460 is our favorite 3x long streamer hook.  Simply put, it has perfect gap.  This is the exact same hook as the daiichi 2461 but in bronze. Aberdeen bend, straight-eye, 3x long shank, standard wire.