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  • The Orvis Lighting Bug is an incredible attractor style nymph that works well for us during caddis hatches and late summer on the Madison.
  • pauline's prince albert red pauline's prince albert silver
    The Prince Albert comes from our good buddy Doug Pauline out of Ennis, MT. The size 10 version of this fly has been one of our top trailers for streamers over the last three years. Fish the smaller sizes for a great attractor pattern. Available in Size 10, 16,18.
  • perdigon ny black pearl perdigon ny pearl
    The Perdigon nymph is a spanish fly pattern designed to get down quickly in fast water, and is responsible for a couple of Spanish world championships.  They feature a short slender body with a few pheasant tail fibers and a small hot spot behind a tungsten bead.  If you are looking for the body material to tie these we sell the pearl material here.
  • The prince nymph is one of the best searching patterns ever created. One of the most impressive things about this fly is that trout continue to eat it despite having seen it untold times. Available in Sizes 12-18. We also carry the prince nymph in a beadhead version.
  • The beadhead prince nymph is still one of the best searching patterns ever developed. One of the most impressive things about this fly is that trout continue to eat it despite having seen it untold times. We also sell this pattern in a non-beadhead version.
  • psycho prince green psycho prince yellow
    Mike Mercer's Psycho Prince has been one of the best attractor style nymphs out West for over a decade now. Much like the original Prince Nymph, This fly doesn't resemble anything in particular but the fish definitely take notice in a big way.
  • The Tactical Hot Spot Nymph is a nice variation on a standard pheasant tail, with a hot spot on the butt on the fly rather than the head and just the right amount of ice dub behind the tungsten bead.  Size 16
  • telico nymph bottom telico nymph bottom
    The Telico Nymph was created in the smoky mountains of eastern Tennessee somewhere around 1927, and has remained a southern staple for close to ninety years.  This pattern doesn't seem to imitate anything in particular, but trout seem to love it nonetheless.  We typically do best on this fly from mid May through the first week in July on the Madison, which suggests that they take it for a yellow sally nymph amongst other things.  Whatever they take it for, the telico nymph has been one of our best kept secrets in the shop for years now and it will probably prove equally as effective on your home waters.  Size 14.
  • This is a great little nymph for us during the summer, and seems to work best during late June and July on the Madison.  It features a pheasant tail body, copper rib, and a fluorescent yellow hot spot for the collar.
  • The tungsten jigged prince takes an old standby and puts a modern twist on it.  By turning it upside down with a jig hook and adding tungsten bead, this prince nymph transforms into a great point fly for euro or drop shot nymphing.
  • tungsten warrior red tungsten warrior pearl
    The tungsten warrior is a essentially a rainbow warrior with a tungsten bead rather than a glass bead for the head.  This pattern has been one of our more popular attractors in the shop over the last couple seasons, and features a pearl flashabou body, rainbow scud dub thorax, and a few fibers of pheasant tail in the rear.