Fishing Report for September 28th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,090 cfs Kirby: 1,150 cfs Varney: 1,270 cfs As we wait for more seasonable fall temperatures to stir the proverbial pot, fishing has noticeably slowed down  on the Upper River.  The dry fly bite has been pretty slow over the last three or four days, and we’re guessing that the fish have … Read more

Fishing Report for September 21st, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,100 cfs Kirby: 1,160 cfs Varney: 1,320 cfs We’ve had a few off days, but the Upper Madison has been fishing well for the most part.  Colder evening temps have brought the river back into the mid fifties, and fish seem to be getting a little more active throughout the day.  The … Read more

Fishing Report for September 17th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,110 cfs Kirby: 1,180 cfs Varney: 1,300 cfs This week was one of the better ones we’ve had on the Upper Madison since the first week of August.  With the exception of yesterday afternoon, the streamer bite has ranged from really good to just plain out of control.  Fish have also looking … Read more

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