Fishing Report for May 25th, 2004

Madison River

Dam: 1,820 cfs

Hebgen: 2,700 cfs

Varney: 4,050 cfs

The Upper Madison is still on the rise, but the sub-surface fishing has been incredible.  All the creeks are kicking in mud, and Cabin and Beaver have been putting in enough to turn Quake Lake into a bucket of Hershey’s Syrup for the time being.  The visibility out back was roughly 8-10″ this morning, but we are guessing that it will be cut in half by Tuesday at the latest.  That being said, the streamer fishing as well as the nymphing continue to impress even the most suspicious anglers…just find the soft water and know that there will be a pile of fish holding in it.  The Rubber Leg bite is starting to slow down, but that’s to be expected when everybody and their brother was hooking fish on them for five days straight; however, the san juan worm has definitely stepped up to take its place– Our best droppers have been yellow sally nymphs, princes, darker baetis nymphs, red serendipities, and purple lighting bugs.  The streamer fishing has been a little on the slower side in the float section, but the fishing in the wade section has been incredible as long as you keep it within a foot of the bank.  We’ve been doing best on olive and black sculpin imitations such as boogie men and sex dungeons, but we’ve also had some good reports from guys throwing all white during the bright afternoons.

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