Fishing Report for June 22nd, 2011

Madison River

Dam: 2,650 cfs

Kirby: 3,660 cfs

Varney: 5,310 cfs

Visibility has improved on the Upper Madison, especially above Pine Butte, and we’re now looking at somewhere around 2 feet of greenish-brown water, while water clarity below the West Fork is still just over a foot.  Nymphs and streamers are still doing mighty fine around here, and the crowds really haven’t been that bad during the weekday.  Top nymphs are still San Juans, Rubberlegs, red crystal serendipitys, baetis nymphs and emergers, caddis larva, and three dollar dips, but we are starting to see a few more caddis pop every day now, so don’t neglect your olive sparkle pupas and other caddis pupa imitations.  Streamer fishing along the banks is still producing some of the nicer browns and rainbows in the river, and judging by the girth of them, they’ve been eating very Very well.  Water levels are still holding between 3,500 – 4,000 cfs at Kirby, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it drop a little bit by next week (assuming we aren’t inundated with more rain).  For now though, the river is still fishing very well and the trout are fat and full of piss and vinegar.  We’ll keep you updated as water levels and conditions change.

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