Fishing Report for June 27th, 2011

Madison River

Dam: 1,910 cfs

Kirby: 2,910 cfs

Varney: 4,440 cfs

As the water continues to drop, fish seem to be scrambling for new holding water, and its been a tough couple of days on the Upper Madison.  We are seeing tons of caddis pop, but pupa imitations, as well as everything that had been working (ie. baetis nymphs, midges, worms, caddis larva, etc) don’t seem to tearing it up at the moment. Visibility continues to improve little by little, but I think its safe to say that it will definitely be a little tough out there until the water stabilizes.  Fishing is still good between the lakes, but you will run into a lot more people, and, as always, please watch out for redds.

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