Another rod series developed by Kelly and St. Croix, The High Stick Drifter is designed specifically for todays advanced nymph fishing methods. “I built this rod to fish the way we fish nymphs! I didn’t copy some euro nymph stick… I designed it to high stick and nymph with a two-fly rig, lead, and an indicator — The way most of us really fish. Don’t use indicators? Great! It will be that much faster for you. Want to Czech it? Great! I think you will find it performs perfect for that too. The point is that this rod is designed for real life nymph fishing, by someone who actually fishes.  Case in point, the hook keeper is up on the second stripping guide.  Have you ever really used a hook keeper at the grip? Hell no! We all hook the fly to the guides and wrap it around the reel. That’s the point, I actually designed it to be a fishing tool. The rod has a quick tip, but still retains the full parabolic flex that allows it to roll or overhead cast a two-fly rig with ease and then jack a hook set without breaking your tippet. The rod’s butt section is strong without being too stiff so you can bank out a pig in no time. It is also one of the lightest sticks you will find so you can fish it all day without going to the physical therapist at the end of the day.”                                    ~ KG