High N Dry – Powder Floatant & Desiccant


High N Dry Liquid Spray Floatant is made of the same special and unique materials as their award-winning Liquid Floatant, but in a convenient spray bottle.  This method of application is simple, easy, and fast and allows the sprayed areas of the fly to be completely covered with a barrier that keeps moisture out. It works well on flies tied in all types of materials (including CDC). It contains no organic solvents and is environmentally friendly. Just hold the fly by the hook, about an inch away from the spray nozzle, and squeeze.

The floatant is delivered in a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle with a spray cap, making it easy and convenient to apply the floatant. A full 30 grams of pure desiccant and floatant is provided in a 2.5 oz. container.  

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High N Dry powdered floatant and desiccant has become our favorite dry shake floatant.  One thing that is really cool about this product is that it includes blue indicator crystals that turn red when the desiccant component has abosorbed its maximium amount of moisture and will no longer dry your flies.  Each container of High N Dry Powered Floatant and Desiccant contains 30 grams of floatant in a 2.5 oz. container.

  • Best performing dry shake floatant available

  • Non-Flammable and it

  • Contains no organic solvents

  • 100% solids

  • Environmentally friendly.

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High N Dry - Powder Floatant & Desiccant
High N Dry – Powder Floatant & Desiccant
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