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Nature’s Spirit X-Caddis Deer Hair


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Nature’s Spirit early season elk hair is some of the shortest you will find, and is a must for those tyers who prefer elk hair rather than deer for their hair-wing dry flies.  This early season cow elk is very fine in diameter and averages about 3/4″-1″ in length with short, dark tips and each package contains a 2×3″ patch of material.

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Nature’s spirit x-caddis deer hair is hand selected specifically for tying caddis patterns between size 12-18, but it is also a great choice for small stoneflies and mayfly imitations as well.  If you are looking for even shorter deer hair to tie smaller caddis and hairwing dry flies, be sure to try Nature’s Spirit comparadun deer hair.  Each package of nature’s spirit x-caddis deer hair comes with a 2×3 patch and is available in natural, bleached, and medium dun. Please Note: Due to limited Quantities we can only offer this item to 2 packs per customer.  If you order more than that, you will only be sent 2 and given a refund for the remaining balance.

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