Tying Articulated Streamers DVD


These tying kits contain everything you need to tie Kelly’s Articulated Butt Monkey in specific colors.  Each kit contains enough material for 10-12 flies.

Please note:  In an effort to keep these kits at the lowest price possible, we have not included fly samples, articulation wire, connection beads, or thread. If you would like to purchase these you can find them in the links below:

Thread: GSP 100 white

Articulation Wire: Surflon 19 strand 

Connection Beads: Killer Caddis Glass Beads Large

Individual Articulated Butt Monkey for Samples

Additional Note: If we are out of kit items they will be swapped for comparable items to cut down on back order products.

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This two hour DVD shows every detail I use for tying articulated streamers. Articulating a streamer gives it a unique “S” swim action that triggers far more strikes from monster trout than a standard fly. Tying articulated streamers goes into great detail to show you how to create the critical connection that makes a perfect articulated streamer. At this point almost all of my flies are articulated, and I would recommend that any serious streamer angler should give this style a try. I tie four flies in this DVD: The T&A Rainbowheifer groomersex dungeon, and the brokeback crawdaddy.

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Tying Articulated Streamers DVD
Tying Articulated Streamers DVD
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