Slide Inn Hosted Trip – April 2020

Galloup’s Sandy Point Lodge
Abaco, Bahamas

Slide Inn Hosted Trip April 19th – 25th
US Departure on April 19th
Group would return to the US on April 25th
6 Nights / 5 days of fishing / Group of 8
Cost per person based on double occupancy- $4,495.00

Slide Inn Hosted Trip - April 2020


General Information

Galloup’s Sandy Point Lodge is ideally located with direct access to the southern Marls and the ocean front flats of Cross Harbour around the southern portion of Abaco Island. There are no other lodges closer to this expansive flats system than the Sandy Point Lodge. To begin your angling day, you will meet your guide just steps from the lodge. There is no need for car transfers or long boat rides to access the varied fisheries here. The long-time professional guide staff have been working with head guide, Ricardo Burrows for twenty plus years. Ricardo and most his guides have been fishing this area for 30+ years. This is an ideal destination for anglers that love to wade fish, as there are massive hard bottomed flats in this area.

The Southern Marls, just to the north of the lodge, is ideal for anglers seeking pure numbers of Bonefish. Large schools of Bones averaging between two and five pounds can be targeted from Hell’s Bay Skiffs or on foot. There are a number of mangrove-lined bays and islands to protect anglers from wind, perfect for fishing. This side of the island is on the predominate lee (out of the wind) side of the island. Larger Bonefish up to ten pounds frequent this area, as well as the occasional Permit, but this is an ideal area for challenging weather, those who seek lots of opportunities at Bonefish, or beginner saltwater anglers. Just around to the northwest, ocean front flats lead to the Cross Harbour area, which is an expansive oceanfront bay system with inland lagoons loaded with Bonefish, occasional large Permit, and resident Tarpon off the points. These white sand flats hold truly large Bonefish for the seasoned saltwater anglers. The guides can typically customize your angling days for quality or quantities of Bonefish. Both these fisheries are within 15 minutes of the lodge by skiff! Being on the lee side of Abaco, these flats are consistently calmer than the northeastern side of the island.

When the weather is settled a few barrier islands such as Moore’s Island are within a 40 minute run from the lodge. There is no other lodge closer to these islands than our Lodge. These unpressured and isolated islands provide solid opportunity at trophy Bonefish anytime of year. A mix of turtle grass and hard white sand are ideal for wade fishing these small islands. Moore’s Island is surrounded by flats adjacent to deep water, which generally results is consistent opportunities for big Bones inhabiting skinny water to feed on shrimp and crabs. An inland lagoon at Moore’s fishes well during high tide, which prolongs the angling day. This is also one of the more dependable, year-round trophy Permit fisheries in the Bahamas. These fish typically travel in singles and doubles, and often can be seen tailing, while rooting up morsels. To complete the Grand Slam, there are a few Tarpon “honey holes” in this area, with fish that range between 20 and 80 pounds.

As with any Bahamas fishing trip, we consider Abaco a Bonefish destination, not a hardcore Permit or Tarpon destination, but the opportunity is there if you dedicate quality time to target these gamefish. Being so close to deep water, this is also a terrific area to target large Barracuda and they love to hammer big flies!

Slide Inn Hosted Trip - April 2020

Food and Beverages

All meals are prepared in the remodeled kitchen. Traditional Bahamian meals are served and include fresh fish, conch, lobster, as well as chicken and pork dishes for dinners. Breakfast is American style cooked-to-order eggs and side dishes. On the water cooler lunches are also customized to your specific desires. Any specific dietary needs are easily accommodated by request ahead of time. The new owners of the lodge hope to instill a visiting chef program that will train locals from Sandy Point on new and exciting culinary concepts. The lodge offers beer and wine with dinner. The bar is well-stocked with non-alcoholic beverages as well as treated drinking water, coffee, tea and juice as well.

Included: Lodging, meals, open bar, guided fishing, transportation between Marsh harbor Sandy Pointe

Not included: Government added VAT tax

Not included: Transportation to Abaco Island, flies, rods reels, guides and staff gratuities. We do have back up equipment as well as limited equipment for sale at the lodge fly fishing shop.

Slide Inn Hosted Trip - April 2020

What to Bring

For your Bahamas fishing adventure bring a valid passport that does not expire within six months
We suggest you bring all fishing equipment, flies, rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet and of course sun glasses. Flats booties and hats
The lodge has a limited fly shop with most all equipment needed but we have limited supplies of all, at least for this first season.

9 foot 7 or 8 weights are recommended, on light wind days a 6 wt can be fun, but for most situations a 7 wt is better all around rod. 8 weights can help punch it thru the wind on the days when it is a little more breezy. Large arbor reels with smooth drags and hold up to 150 yards of backing are a must.
On the days spent fishing in the Moores Island, Bahamas you will have shots at double digit bones and big permit so 8 weights can come in handy here as well If you care to take a shot at the big Barracuda or sharks 8 weights are really minimum.

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