Hand Rolled Soul!  C.F. Burkheimer rods have been made in Washougal, Washington for thirty five years and are some of the most beautifully crafted rods you will ever lay your eyes on.  These sticks are sought after by anglers that enjoy a deeper flex in their mid section, and have the Burkie feel that you will come to love the more you fish these rods.

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  • The standard trout rod in the Burkheimer series is simply a joy to cast, and the accuracy is unparalleled for those anglers who prefer the kind of feeling that all CF Burkheimer Rods are famous for.

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  • When Kerry Burkheimer decides to make a streamer rod, you know it’s going to be special.  The CF Burkheimer streamer rod holds true to the Burkerheimer MO, with a deep action load that has the perfect balance of power and feel and one that is easily capable of handling today’s modern sinking lines.  Each rod is carefully constructed right here in the US with attention to detail that very few rod makers can boast, and the cedar green blank, maple reel seat, and 3 layer cork inlay make this rod very easy on the eyes.  If you like a little more feel in your streamer stick without sacrificing power, then the Burkheimer streamer rod is an excellent choice.

    Reel Seat:  Bright Nickel w/Maple
    Guides: Chrome Nanolite stripper and hard chrome snakes
    Blank Color: Deep Cedar Green
    Winding Check: Nickel Silver
    Cork Inlay: Three layer
    Handle: Full Wells select Flor Grade Cork
    Fighting Butt: 1.5″ with inlay

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  • The Deep Action Load (DAL) series from CF Burkheimer was designed for anglers who prefer a more relaxed stroke, and their deep loading feel should not be confused with a slow action.  These rods offer full flexing blanks, firm tips and fast recovery, and have quickly become the number one selling rods in the Burkheimer line.  Style: Vintage

    Reel Seat: Smoked nickel w/California Buckeye
    Guides: Smoked Nanolite stripper and snakes
    Blank Color: Translucent black
    Winding Check: Cork wrap
    Cork Inlay: Five layer
    Handle: Half wells x-select Flor grade cork

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