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  • Douglas DXF

    The Douglas DXF premium proven tapers are a combination of modern action and carbon matrix with a traditional fit and finish. DXF is tailored toward most species and environments with a pulse on current angling practices.
  • douglas era fly rod case douglas era fly rod

    Douglas ERA

    The newest fly rod in the Douglas lineup, the ERA was designed to deliver outstanding performance at a price that is accessible for all anglers. Whether you’re looking for an entry level fly rod or a solid backup rod, the new ERA is the one for you.
  • douglas sky rod sock douglas sky fly rod

    Douglas Sky

    The Sky represents award winning performance in rods that possess ground breaking strength-to-weight ratios. The Douglas Sky has built a reputation for featuring finely crafted actions capable of producing pin point accuracy, and longer than average casts with seemingly effortless casting.
  • douglas sky g close douglas sky g rod

    Douglas Sky G

    The Douglas Sky G is a welcome addition to their Sky Series of rods and certainly one of the nicer sticks we've seen in quite some time.
  • douglas upstream plus rod tube douglas upstream plus
    The Upstream Plus provides more power than the Douglas Upstream ultra-lite series. It gives the angler a solid up-locking reel seat for fighting larger fish. Most importantly, it provides a slightly faster action that makes the Upstream Plus a great choice for people who want enough muscle to land the fish of a lifetime and enough finesse to use the tippet and flies required in tough, technical situations.


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