Dubbing Dispensers

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  • antron dubbing dispenser steelhead open antron dubbing dispenser
    Antron dubbing is a translucent trilobal fiber that adds sparkle and sheen to any fly body, and can be used by itself or blended with our dubbing material.Antron 1 Dubbing Dispenser: Golden Stone, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Dark Olive, Hare's Ear, Black, Cahill Cream, Sand, Hexagenia, Ginger Variant, Chocolate, Light GrayAntron 2 Dubbing Dispenser: Blue Grass, Forrest Green, Olive Damsel, Mint, Golden Olive, Olive Dun, Charcoal Gray, Dark Stone, Rust, Medium Brown, Squirrel Belly, Golden TanAntron Bright Dubbing Dispenser (Steelhead): Deep Purple, Claret, Peacock Blue, Green, Highlander Green, Fl. Yellow, Chinese Red, Fl. Fire Orange, Fl. Pink, Shrimp Pink, Fl. Orange, Bright Yellow.
  • arizona simi seal dubbing dispenser 4 open arizona simi seal dubbing dispenser 1
    Arizona Simi Seal is the exclusive material used to tie the world-famous Simi Seal Leech. This material can also be used in a variety of dubbing applications, from nymph patterns to medium-sized streamers. The coarse fibers produce a bushy dubbing that can be used to build large bodies, or it can be vigorously brushed out and trimmed or left long. 
  • beaver dubbing dispenser open beaver dubbing dispenser
    This Dubbing Dispenser contains 12 of the most popular colors of one of nature's finest dubbing materials.  Beaver dubbing has a perfect mix of underfur and guard hairs to make picky looking bodies on nymphs and dry flies.  Available colors: Light Cahill, Tan, Blue Dun, Adams Gray, Sulphur Orange, Pale Morning Dun, Golden Olive, Olive, Caddis Green, Blue Wing Olive, Mahogany Brown, and Black.
  • bruiser blend dubbing dispenser light colors open bruiser blend dubbing dispenser
    Bruiser Blend Dubbing is a proprietary mix of synthetic and UV fibers that was specifically designed for heads and wings on streamers by the guys over at Fly Fish Food.  These 2 inch fibers are extremely easy to work with and come in 24 fishy colors.Bruiser Blend Dubbing Dispenser Light Colors: White, Tan, Gray Holo, Medium Olive, Cream, Butter Belly, Canary, Gray, Hidden Treasure,Pale Lemon, Unicorn Mane, Sunburst.Bruiser Blend Dubbing Dispenser Dark Colors: Sasquatch Brown, Black, Alpha Wolf, Brown Olive, Barf Brown, Midnight Fire, Brown, California 420, Dark Gray, Dark Olive, Black Copper, Black Red
  • camel dubbing dispenser open camel dubbing dispenser
    This Dubbing Dispenser contains all 12 colors of Camel Dubbing which is made from 95% camel underfur and a little bit of rabbit.  Camel Dubbing is extremely easy to dub and is a great material for making fine bodies on nymphs and dry flies.  Colors included: Cream, Orange, Gray, Natural Tan, Brown, Light Olive, Dark Brown, Olive, Brown Olive, Black, Amber, and Dark Olive.
  • crawdub dispenser open crawdub dispenser
    Crawdub is a long fiber dubbing with just the right amount of sparkle, and was designed to build shaggy bodies that can be easily picked out on all your favorite crawfish patterns.Each Crawdub dispenser comes with the following colors: Orange, Burnt Orange, Gray, Tan, Rusty Brown, Pale Olive, Gray Olive, Olive, Brown Olive, Brick, Mud Brown, Softshell
  • ice dub dispenser II open ice dub dispenser
    Each ice dub dispenser contains 12 different colors of hareline's popular ice dub, which is one of our favorite fly tying materials on the planet.

    Colors in each Ice Dub Dispenser are as follows:

    Ice Dub I: Peacock, UV Light Olive, UV Black, UV Shrimp Pink, UV Red, Olive Brown, Olive, Chartreuse, UV Pearl, Caddis Green, Orange, and Pearl.Ice Dub II: UV Light Yellow, Peacock Black, UV Pink, Rusty Brown, Silver Holographic, UV Tan, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, Golden Brown, UV Dun, Minnow Belly, and Hot Yellow.Ice Dub Trout: Caddis Green, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, Golden Brown, UV Light Olive, Pearl, UV Light Yellow, Olive, Peacock, Peacock Black, Rusty Brown, and UV Tan.
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    Larva lace mohair plus dubbing is a killer dubbing blend for lakes and rivers alike.  With a beautiful mix of mohair goat dubbing and angel hair, this material is long enough to dub leech patterns, but it can also be cut short to dub nymphs such as scuds, buggers, soft hackles, and caddis pupa.  This particular dubbing is best suited for dubbing loops, and can be trimmed and picked out to create very buggy looking patterns. The larva lace mohair plus dubbing dispenser includes 12 of the most popular colors in this series.  Colors include: dark burgundy, rusty brown, light olive, red, brown olive, burgundy, green olive, damsel olive, black and red, black, purple, and copper and black.
  • Larva Lace Salmo Supreme is a blend of angel hair and tri-lobal nylon fibers that creates a "spikey" effect when dubbed on your streamer or steelhead bodies.  This dubbing dispenser features 12 of the most popular colors of Salmo Supreme.  Colors: hot pink, hot yellow, hot lime, purple peril, kingfisher blue, fiery orange, silver gray, fiery brown, fiery red, midnight black, rainbow black, and rainbow.
  • life cycle caddis dubbing dispenser life cycle dubbing dispenser nymph
    Life Cycle Dubbing is made primarily from natural fur with a small amount of Wapsi super bright blended into the mix, which gives it just the right amount of sheen without being too flashy.  It dubs extremely easy and can also be picked out to create buggy looking bodies on all your favorite nymph patterns.  Each Life Cycle Dubbing Dispenser comes with the colors listed below.Life Cycle Nymph Dubbing DispenserCream, Ginger, Sulphur Orange, Light Olive, Brown Olive, Medium Olive, Light Tan, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown, Muskrat, Black.Life Cycle Caddis Dubbing DispenserCream, Pale Green, Green, Bright Green, Light Olive, Olive, Yellow, Orange, Ginger, Brown, Gray, Black.
  • mink dubbing dispenser open mink dubbing dispenser
    This natural Mink Dubbing is very fine, dubs easy, and floats extremely well.  Each dispenser includes the following colors: Pale Yellow, Blue Dun, Dark Tan, Rusty Brown, Olive, Brown Olive, Light Cahill, Black, Adams Gray, Golden Olive, Blue Wing Olive, and Callibaetis.
  • nature's spirit snowshoe rabbit foot dubbing dispenser open nature's spirit snowshoe rabbit foot dubbing dispenser
    There is not much that will out-float snowshoe rabbit foot, and the guys down at Nature's Spirit created this awesome dubbing to keep your flies floating high in the film.  This dubbing is a blend of rabbit fur and spiky fur trimmed from the hind feet of snowshoe rabbits.  Many of the colors are achieved by blending several different colors together, and this dispenser contains all twelve colors of the series.  Colors included in each dispenser: Hare's Ear, Brown Olive, Caddis Green, Black, Gray Olive, Golden Stonefly, Orange, Tannish Olive, Brown, Muskrat Gray, Cream, and Olive.