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  • wooly bugger marabou olive wooly bugger marabou

    Wooly Bugger Marabou

    Wooly Bugger Marabou is a shorter, more wispy version of traditional blood quill marabou, making it a good choice for tails on small buggers and stillwater patterns such as damsel and dragonfly nymphs. We also use it a lot for creating marabou covers on many of our articulated streamers.
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  • whiting super bou purple grizzly whiting super bou

    Whiting Super Bou

    Whiting Super Bou comes from premium birds that only Whiting Farms can produce, and these feathers are sort of a hybrid between traditional marabou and chickabou.  Each patch contains plenty of high quality marabou feathers that range between 2-4 inches in length, and all are dyed over natural grizzly.  Whiting Super Bou can be used for tails and bodies on a variety of flies, but the stems are also thin enough to allow you to stack or palmer it with ease.
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  • strung blood quill marabou hareline brown strung marabou
    Top quality blood quill marabou. One ounce of feathers per package.
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  • strung blood quill marabou yellow strung marabou
    Strung blood quill marabou is our favorite type marabou for tying streamers.  Blood quills have a thin stem and longer feathers than select or wooly bugger marabou, making it the perfect choice for tails and wings.  This is also the best choice for when you want to palmer your feathers.  Each pack contains 1/4 ounce of feathers.
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  • mfc mini barred marabou yellow brown mfc mini barred marabou
    Montana fly company custom dyes all MFC Barred Marabou to achieve brilliant colors with perfect and consistent barring.  These 3"-5" feathers features the same quality that you've come to expect from their standard barred marabou, but with a much finer barring for an increased mottled look.
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  • mfc buggerbou mini barred 2" tan black mfc buggerbou mini barred 2"
    From leeches to buggers, MFC buggerbou is the hand selected to give your flies a natural looking variegated look loved by big fish everywhere.
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  • mfc barred marabou rust olive mfc barred marabou
    Montana fly company custom dyes all mfc barred marabou to achieve brilliant colors with perfect and consistent barring. From leeches to sculpin patterns, mfc barred marabou will give your streamer patterns a natural mottled look that fish can't resist.
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  • grizzly marabou tan grizzly marabou

    Grizzly Marabou

    Grizzly marabou, or chickabou, is a short, naturally barred marabou that we use on smoke wagons, silk kittiessumps, and many other streamer patterns. Approximately 0.2 ounces per package.
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