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  • pheasant skin black ringneck pheasant skin
    Each ringneck pheasant skin offers a huge assortment of useable feathers for the conventional fly tyer at a great price.  Please note, these skins do not come with tail feathers.
  • The feathers on a golden pheasant skin have long been prized by traditional atlantic salmon and steelhead tyers for their vibrant colors and soft, flowing tips.  You can also use most of the feathers below the crest and tippet for larger soft hackles, buggers, and small streamers.  Please note, these skins do not include tail feathers.
  • This starling skin contains a variety of small feathers that are perfect for tying soft hackles, nymphs, and wet flies from a size 14 down to a size 22.  The mottled tips of these feathers are similar to jungle cock, and has been a popular substitute for it for years. Each pack contains a whole starling skin that will last you for years, and provides the kinds of small feathers that are usually lacking in most partridge and grouse skins.
  • Hungarian Partridge belongs on every tyer's bench, and these beautifully mottled feathers can be used for a variety of fly tying applications
  • Hungarian Partridge is the ultimate feather for making great looking soft hackles, and these Grade 1 skins feature a wide variety of sizes.