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  • baitfish emulator flash brown baitfish emulator flash
    Baitfish emulator flash is a beautiful mix of thin textured mylars with a specially treated edge for winding. All you need to do to make realistic underbodies, baitfish patterns, and other streamers is cut the material at an angle, wind it three to four times, and tie it off. It's that simple. 1 yard of material per package.
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  • flashabou black flashabou
    These beautiful mylar strands move like marabou and light the water up like a flash grenade. Traditionally used for wings and skirts on streamers, there is very little you can't do with flashabou, and a variety of colors belong at every fly tyer's bench. Flashabou also comes in holographic or mirage variations.
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  • hends pearl scud back yellow hends pearl scud back
    This Pearl Scudback is a braided ribbon of iridescent fibers that can be used to add an eye-popping effect on all your favorite scud patterns, and can also be used for an underlayer on standard thin skin or scudback. You can also use it to make bodies on nymphs and streamers as well. Each pack contains 1 meter of material and the braid is roughly 3 mm in width.
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  • holographic flashabou black holographic flashabou
    Holographic flashabou features the exact same texture and length as original flashabou with a hefty dose of two dimensional bling. You won't believe how this stuff dances underwater.
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  • ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe yellow pearl chartreuse ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe
    Ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe offers the same great characteristics as the standard shimmer fringe, but in a variety of very fishy blends. Just trim off a piece to add a touch of flash to your favorite patterns, or throw it in a dubbing loop...this product has an endless array of uses.
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  • ice dub shimmer fringe yellow ice dub shimmer fringe
    If you've ever been frustrated with lining up the tips of ice wing fibers, then ice dub shimmer fringe is the answer to your prayers. Trim off a piece to add a touch of flash to your favorite patterns, or throw it in a dubbing loop. This product has an endless array of uses.
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  • ice wing fiber baitfish mix ice wing fiber

    Ice Wing Fiber

    Ice wing fiber is actually ice dub in 8 inch long fibers, and has an endless supply of uses for the creative fly tier.  From dubbing midge bodies to constructing entire articulated streamers, there is very little you can't do with ice wing, and we think you'll love this material just as much as we do.
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  • krinkle mirror flash silver larva lace krinkle mirror flash
    Krinkle Mirror Flash is essentially the same material as Hareline's popular 1/69 lateral scale, but in different colors.  This is a great way to add flash to the lateral line of your streamers, but it also works great for making bodies on nymphs.  Each package of krinkle mirror flash comes in an 8" hank with approximately 800 strands of material.
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  • krystal flash black krystal flash
    It's harder to find things you can't do with krystal flash than things you can use it for. From streamer wings to nymph bodies, this is one of those products that is indispensable for contemporary fly tyers. Available colors: pearl, silver, lime green, olive, peacock, root beer, red, pink, black.
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  • larva lace angel hair black olive larva lace angel hair
    Larva lace angel hair is a very fine mylar material that comes in 6"-8" strands.  Angel hair blends well with most materials, doesn't absorb water, and can be used to create custom dubbing blends.  Used as is, this material is also great for tying wings on fresh or saltwater streamers or it can be cut up into short pieces to make great looking bodies on nymphs and dry flies.  Simply put, larva lace angel hair is an incredibly versatile material and a must for the contemporary fly tyer.
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  • mfc holosheen chartreuse mfc holosheen
    MFC Holosheen is identical to standard flashabou, but with a smooth, metallic finish that lights up like crazy in the sun. This material does not include a supporting fiber so the flash lays flat and has a brilliant holographic shine. Holosheen is a great way to add unique reflective properties to all your streamer patterns, especially in the 1/32" size.  The 1/69" version in also thin enough for bodies and ribs on nymphs and dry flies, and can be used for wing cases as well.
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