There are few things more exciting in life than watching a giant fish come up to eat a mouse pattern.  There are a lot of dedicated night anglers that mouse up giant browns while most of us are still in bed, and these patterns will certainly bring up the largest fish in the river when you hit it right.  Mouse imitations are also great for anglers headed to Alaska, New Zealand, and Patagonia where you can have an opportunity to see fish eating them during the daytime hours.

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  • As if the original wasn’t good enough, the Morrish Mouse 2.0 now features an up-turned hook for increased hook ups while still maintaining the same deadly profile.  The flared deer hair body and foam back throw a nice wake while still allowing your to make relatively easy casts.  This has quickly become one of the top mouse patterns in the country and and is an absolute must for those of your heading up to Alaska.  Available in Size 2.
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  • Tommy Lynch’s White Bellied Mouse is a consistent producer for large nocturnal trout and works anywhere fish key in on mice.  This articulated pattern features a single stinger hook in the rear, and measures in at roughly 4.5″ long.
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    The Super Dawson Mouse was developed right here in the Madison Valley by shop manager Jeremy Clark and his fishing buddy Dan Greene, and has been one of our most productive mouse patterns over the last several years.  Available in size 2.
  • The Articulated Super Dawson was conceived right here in the Madison Valley by Jeremy and his buddy Dan Greene. This pattern evolved over the course of an entire summer, with small changes being made after many days of observing the swim patterns of mice and how fish eat them.  It may look like a simple tie but this has been the most effective mouse pattern in our area for years now, and has also taken large trout in Argentina, Alaska, and New Zealand as well.
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  • Jeff Hickman’s Mr Hankey has been a proven mouse pattern for years now.  It features a rabbit body with a large piece of 3mm foam over the top and four brown rubber legs on each side for plenty of movement.  The rear hook is an upturned #4 octopus which aids in hook up ratios, and is still one of the top mouse patterns on the market.
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  • Clark “Cheech” Pierce came up with this articulated mouse pattern a few years ago, and it has been gaining a steady following with the night crowd ever since.  The head on this pattern is made from a medium Double Barrel Popper with a body made entirely from pine squirrel which allows this mouse pattern to have a well proportioned and flowy silhouette from underneath. This pattern is a must for night fishing and anyone heading up to Alaska or Kamchatka.
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