Cortland Trout Boss


OTAL HEAD LENGHT: 2-3 WT: 40 FT / 4-6 WT: 45 FT
SIZE WF23456GRAIN WEIGHT80100120140160


Subtle sips, wary trout and gin clear water is what drove us to develop the highly accurate Ultralight line. The Ultralight is the “go to” dry fly line for medium to large rivers when precise presentation is a must.

The unique ultrathin 18’ front taper allows for delicate presentations at greater distances through precise loop control. The thin overall diameter decreases water surface disturbance for smart, pressured trout. The Ultralight head design allows you to hold more line in the air for shots at distant rises with little effort.

The Ultralight features three visual color changes for optimal pick up and shooting points. This line features dual welded loops for convenient rigging.

The Ultralight is the stealthiest, most technical, high performing taper we offer that will elevate your dry fly game. Offered from a 2wt to 6wt.

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From tiny spring creeks to large rivers, the Trout Boss is up to the challenge. We developed the Trout Boss to be our most versatile trout line.

The Trout Boss taper excels whether you are indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing streamers. Our Trout Boss is built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods, generating maximum power and reducing the number of false casts.

The newly designed, thinner core gives the line a smaller diameter to mass ratio, increasing shoot ability. The Heat Tempered Surface (HTX) coating seals out dirt and particles that can hinge your shooting ability. The HTX coating keeps your line floating high and performing flawlessly.

If you are looking for a rock solid, all around trout line, the Trout Boss taper will make your time on the water more efficient and effective.

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Weight 0.25 kg

Green/Yellow, Moss Green/Yellow/Orange


DT3, DT4, DT5, DT6, WF4, WF5, WF6


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Cortland Trout Boss
Cortland Trout Boss
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