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MFC Barred Saddle Hackle



These long, webby feathers breath life into any streamer pattern once they begin to billow and undulate underwater. Each package contains 6-7″ schlappen feathers, and is roughly 1/4 ounce in weight.  Schlappen is a good choice for hackle on large wooly buggers, but it also makes great deceiver tails on articulated streamers and saltwater patterns.

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MFC’s Barred Saddle Hackle is a great choice for lot’s of different uses in streamer patterns. These Hackles make some super fishy bodies and tails. Very vibrant and flowy with a number of colors, these feathers can create a great pop of color in any streamer pattern.

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Weight 0.01 kg

Red & Black, Rust/Black, Brown/Black, Burnt Orange/Black, Chartreuse/Black, Gray/Black, Olive/Black, Purple/Black, Red/Black, Tan/Black, White/Black, Yellow/Black


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