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Whiting Coq De Leon Hen Cape


Soft, webby capes in a natural mottled brown color pattern make these the perfect feathers for collars, nymph legs, wing cases, and larger soft hackles.

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A Whiting Coq de Leon Hen Cape features round webby feathers at the top which are excellent for mayfly wings.  You will also find complex mottling and markings in the mid and lower feathers that can be used for a wide variety of soft hackle applications.  The whiting Coq de Leon Hen Cape is an excellent substitution for Partridge feathers on medium and large nymphs and streamer patterns.

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Brown Speckled, Grizzly, Speckled Burnt Orange, Speckled Copper Olive, Speckled Fluorescent Green Chartruse, Speckled Fluorescent Yellow Chartruse, Speckled Golden Olive, Speckled Red, Speckled Yellow, UV Speckled Silver, Grizzly Pardo, Speckled Olive, Speckled Orange, Speckled Purple


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