Fishing Report for September 16th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 841 cfs Kirby: 903 cfs Its finally warming up out there, but it looks like another cold front is coming our way starting on Monday.  We’re not sure if its because of the flows have been stabilized out of Hebgen, but the upper river seems to have really turned on over the … Read more

Fishing Report for September 8th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 870 cfs Kirby: 937 cfs Its been a chilly first week of September in south west Montana, and it doesn’t look like its going to be getting any warmer out there for a while.  Flows were dropped 200 cfs on August 31st after a “school bus sized” boulder crushed three gates at … Read more

Fishing Report for August 28th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 1,030 cfs Kirby: 1,190 cfs Fishing has been a little “iffy” on the ol’ Upper Madison these days.  One day the hopper fishing is great, and the next day its just plain brutal.  Ants and beetles have been a little more consistent, but still far from on fire.  Most of our bugs … Read more

Fishing Report for August 14th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 1,030 cfs Kirby: 1,130 cfs With the cold fronts that have been coming in for the last three days, water temps have dropped into the high fifties and low sixties which should only improve the fishing over the next week.  Flows are still  above average for this time of year, giving the … Read more

Fishing Report for July 25th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 851 cfs Kirby: 1,010 cfs The Madison continues to fish well up high, but the water has warmed up a little bit below Varney bridge.  Caddis and PMDs have been the name of the game throughout the morning, with the hatches starting around 9:00 a.m and lasting until around noon.  When the … Read more

Fishing Report for July 18th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 890 cfs Kirby: 1080 cfs The Upper Madison is in full swing, but fishing has been a little spotty due to high winds as of late.  When the “W” has cooperated the dry fly bite has been really good, with yellow sallies, golden stones, caddis, PMDs, Epeorus, and even Grey Drakes being … Read more

Fishing Report for July 9th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 890 cfs Kirby: 1,150 cfs Those who have been waiting patiently for the Upper Madison to explode are finally reaping the fruits of their labor.  It seems like the bugs started popping in huge numbers on Wednesday, and the dry fly fishing is as good as it gets right now.  PMDs, four … Read more

Fishing Report for June 30th, 2010

Madison River Dam: 804 cfs Kirby: 1,380 cfs First off, let me apologize for the lack of river reports over the last week, as I have been out on guide trips everyday.  The Upper Madison has been good early and late, but afternoons have been tough…especially in the float section.  However, with the warmer temps … Read more

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