Fly of the Week

October 15, 2011 Olive Boogie Man Both the Olive and Black Boogie Man have been taking some really nice browns and rainbows out of the Upper Madison these past few weeks.  Try one on your home might find some fish out there that you never knew existed.

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Olive Peanut Envy Pound for pound, the olive envy has been our best producer throughout South West Montana over the last two weeks.  With the pre-spawn browns starting to put on their Halloween costumes, we see no reason why it should lose its spot anytime soon

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Fly of the Week

Black/Olive Double Screamer With the low visibility we've been having, the combination of the darker silhouette put out by the olive and black marabou with the flash of silver ice dub body have made the ol' black and olive double screamer a deadly fly on the Madison this week.

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