AWOL for Steelhead

Sorry for the lack of fishing reports over the last two weeks, but we have some good excuses (with pictures to show for it).  Trey and I went down to the Clearwater River in NW Idaho to do some fishing with our buddy Steve Mock.  Steve is our head guide at the Slide Inn, but … Read more

Fishing Report for October 13th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,140 cfs Kirby: 1,240 cfs Varney: 1,410 Fall fishing is in full swing on the Madison, and the time of extremes is finally upon us…That is to say, you’re either going to be throwing #18-22 nymphs and dries out there or ripping larger streamers…there’s really not too much in between.  The wade … Read more

Introducing the new High Stick Drifter

Another rod series developed by Kelly and St. Croix, The High Stick Drifter is designed specifically for todays advanced nymph fishing methods. “I built this rod to fish the way we fish nymphs! I didn’t copy some euro nymph stick… I designed it to high stick and nymph with a two-fly rig, lead, and an … Read more

Fishing Report for October 6th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,160 cfs Kirby: 1,290 cfs Varney: 1,440 cfs It took a while, but Fall has finally descended upon SW Montana, and baetis and midges have begun to break through the meniscus of the Upper Madison.  The wade section was a little finicky when the first front moved in two days ago, but … Read more

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